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  1. So on a Tin Mage when I exited the sewers, my pets got stuck in the sewers and wouldn't come out, so I dismissed em and then tried to resummon but they wouldn't summon even though the power activated then a minute later they appeared and I could command them, but my pet window said no active pets. @Apparition said this also happens in Crey maps with elevators. Bug fix for a poor MM? 😄❤️
  2. Thanks for the raid, App. Another great one!
  3. Had a great time. Got enough moneys to finish up my build :D. Thanks for leading App!
  4. Clash Man won't be able to make it tomorrow unfortunately. He has family obligations.
  5. woo status updates!

  6. Hey, I'm gonna try to make it :D.
  7. I'm level 18, gonna be there tonight.
  8. Hey sorry I haven't replied. I'm actually on pst for the next two weeks so my timing has changed. I'm gonna try to make it tomorrow, but I'll let you know one way or the other.
  9. Yeah! Goldside night was loads of fun. My global and forum name are the same-Cryo Guy. I work til 6 est so I just need those 30 minutes. As far as my toon Clash Man goes...after knowing only the justice of Emperor Cole for so long and yet being exposed to certain truths recently, he could not bring himself to kill Cleopatra. Clash is resistance for now, but will he be swayed back to the Emperor's arms? And what will he do when he learns of his Primal Earth counterpart Bash Man (not to mention his evil twin brother, Smash Man, or his resurrected robot form, Bash Man 2.0)? Stay tuned for more of Clash Man's amazing adventures!
  10. I'm gonna be 20-30 min late, but I got my toon all made and ready. Clash Man.
  11. Hey I'm interested in this...Are y'all trying to run this Thursday? I'd want to start a new toon and do the first quest arc, whatever it is (which I could do ahead of time on my own).
  12. Ah yes more of these names are ringing a bell-LES and the Untouchables. I recall now that I moved from Bureau 13 to Safe Harbor. Myrmidon, Psigar, and Titan (Fiend) I think I teamed with you every now and then...Ah well, add me if you'd like; I'm on Excelsior. Still looking for Pazahar if he shows up. :]
  13. Pazahar! I think that was his name! I must find him!
  14. Hey all, I'm gettin back into things. My main and global were Cryo Guy and I'm wondering if I can find any of my Champion buds. I was in a SG called Bureau 13, so if you know anyone plz send them my way! There was one guy I played with all the time but I've forgotten his name :[...magic scrapper I think? Martial arts? Ph-something, maybe. We had a whole team of cat themed alts in the SG, mine was Cryo Katt. Anyway, I know it's a longshot but if you're out there, I'm back!
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