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  1. Some nice screenshots. Very good witchy shots, nice colors and full of content. Cup o Spew is imaginative and funny. Our next subject will be Death, glorious Death. Post your favorite death pose. Can be yours, can be Longbow hanging from a beam, whoever, wherever. I used to see if I could spell out something with death poses. This one looked painful but you shouldn't play with swords.
  2. Thanks to all who took time to hunt up and post screenshots. Lots of memories and some new stuff. That Rikti MS is badass! I wasn't around for Beta so I never knew how they got the ball rolling. Very cool seeing one in the sky. With a few days till Halloween, lets do a Halloween screenshot contest for bragging rights. Looking for a picture that Screams Halloween...Moons, flying witches, monsters, spooky houses, an overall sense of dread. Don't limit yourself to old screenshots for these. Feel free to explore and take new ones. lots of spooky places out there, Croatoa, Night Ward, Dark Astoria, the entire Rogue Isles. Here is my Spooky Halloween Shot. Not particularly spooky. Unless you are afraid of Giant Zombie Rock Stars. It looks like an album cover to me. This is an old shot, date stamp says 2008-10-21.
  3. I was looking through some old COH stuff and found some screenshots, like...A LOT of screenshots. So I thought I would post a few old ones and if anyone else had some they could post as well. I figure I might come up with some new ones following different themes, maybe have a contest. Who knows? These are raw so they could all benefit from some cropping. So without further ado, for your viewing pleasure, I give you: The Savage Maugrim.
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