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  1. Honestly, I'd be happy to just be able to re-color the existing MM pets and their powers.
  2. As the SG base builder exists right now, every plot, regardless of size, has a limit of 18 storage objects (this includes inspiration, enhancement, and salvage storage), which seems kind of low, especially if you're sharing with a dozen or so other players. Up to 20000 Decorative items are allowed, seems like the system could handle a few more storage objects.
  3. Oh, nice, I was wondering how those DB optimizations were coming along. Hopefully, everything goes smoothly and we can start seeing faster "retrieving character list" times! ;D
  4. Could we get Teleport Beacons for the zones which currently don't have one? Ex: All of the "Echo" zones besides Galaxy City and Dark Astoria, Firebase Zulu, probably a few others I'm unaware of. Would be really nice to be able to teleport to any zone from a SG base! ;D (With the exception of Ouroboros, since that one's special.)
  5. That's not part of the change. It's that way in the live version already.
  6. Okay, you want testing and not gut feelings? Fine. I took the half hour or so to download the beta files, recreate my main blaster (EN/EN), re-choose all my powers and slots, type dozens of commands to get all my enhancements filled out, and finally do some testing. I hate the sniper changes even more than I thought I would. The in-combat "instant" cast isn't instant. Sure, there's no interrupt period, but there's still an activation time of around a second or so. It's not nearly as fluid as live. The recharge time (along with the aforementioned activation time) increase screws
  7. Just adding my two cents: As a Blaster main, I do not like the sniper changes. If it ain't broke, don't fix it, and it ain't broke. I like the dynamic play of managing your ToHit bonuses (Build Up, Aim, Inspirations) to make sniper attacks instant. I like almost never having to use the full charge. The extra damage on a slow snipe seems excessive, too. Also, the way it works currently actually makes sense. If you have high enough ToHit/Accuracy, it makes sense that you wouldn't have to take time to line up your shot. This change is nonsense. You're just converting the sniper attack into a
  8. I think they mean they're missing from the custom NPC creator in AE.
  9. An above poster already beat me to it, but I'll elaborate. You don't have to reach level 50 to keep your name, just log in with the character every now and then (timing depending on the level of the character). Even if you never level the character at all, you only need to log in with it once every 30 days to make sure that you keep the name. Level it up to 21, and you only have to log in with it once a year. Seems pretty reasonable to me. And you don't have to keep track of how long it's been, the character select screen does that for you.
  10. Wait, you can't save/load costumes while editing your costume at the tailor? I could have sworn that was possible way back in 2008 before I stopped playing.
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