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Controller Nurse with Mind/Kinetics

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I have a character I'm intending to RP as a nurse, basically to see how I do as a healer in teams.  It's Mind/Kin, and this is what I've got so far:

Mind: all

Kinetics: All but repel/intertial reduction

Medicine: all

experimental injection: EI

teleport: Recall and teleport


I'm just wondering how I can slot these to best manage the IOs later in the game, and maximize healing ability as well.  I'm using Pines, so I can see which kinds of IOs there are.  From what I can see, I would like to maximize my Max HP, healing, hold, and damage.  I don't this will be as bad for endurance as elec/elec blasters.  Thanks in advance for the advice.

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I can't speak to Mind/ at all. WRT /Kin, it is really all about buffs (you hand out + damage, recharge, speed, recovery, mezres), and as such can be very busy. It also has one of the strongest heals in the game. With everything else your powersets have to do, you likely will not find much opportunity to use any of the Medicine powers, and because you already have a strong heal you won't see nearly as much benefit from it as, say, /FF or /Sonic, which do not have any in-set heals.


I will also point out that the Experimentation pool in the builder is not live in game (nor are Force of Will, Gadgetry and Utility Belt). /sadface


Hopefully that offers something of value!

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Note, the heal in kinetics (Transfusion) centers on the target, not the caster. You need a live enemy within range of the allies you want to heal.

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Taking all the medicine powers on a Kin is a little wasteful. Not COMPLETELY, but a little. You're going to have a lot of redundancy, and may find yourself not using your medicine powers too much. Also, the standard "Healing isn't important in CoH" rant applies.

You're not going to get that experimental power, because as Uun said, it's not actually in the game. You could swap that with Hasten.

If you want to enhance your holds, the best way will be to put Chance for Hold procs in your powers (Lockdown in Domination and Total Domination, and Decimation in Mesmerize, Levitate and Dominate).  These don't make the holds last longer, but they DO make holds more potent, meaning you'll be one or 2-shotting bosses and holding them with ease. You're going to find it VERY hard to get max damage AND duration into your powers. For instance, in Mesmerize, you can put the Call of the Sandman set in there, which will increase your Sleep Duration on all your powers, your HP, Max Endurance and Recharge bonus... but you won't be able to enhance for damage. Or you can go with a damage set which will give you global damage and recovery buffs, but then you're saddled with the default mez time.

You can split it up, though. With 2 Call of Sandman (Range/Sleep and Acc Sleep/Rech) and 4 Decimation (Acc/Dam, Dam/End, Acc/Dam/Rech, Chance to Hold), you end up with +5% sleep duration, +12% regen, +2.25% HP, and +3% Damage, while the power's stats (with lvl 50 IOs) are such:

Acc: 68.9%

Dam: 73.78%

End Discount: 26.5%
Range 15.94%
Recharge: 43.4%

Sleep: 47.7%

Note that these don't include the global bonuses you gain from the sets.


So while that's not BAD, one could certainly do better. You're not going to find mez duration in damage sets, and you'll find damage bonuses sparingly in Mez sets.

I didn't work out a whole build, but basically I don't think you'll get everything you want out of it. If you're a Controller with a lot of healing, maybe don't worry about the +HP bonuses (If you get them, great, but don't pursue that bonus in lieu of other things), because you should be keeping yourself alive with controls, buffs, debuffs, and a team of meatshields.

Hope this was helpful!

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