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badge nname bug ?


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But you can change yer gender at Body Sculptor vendors. For one of your costumes. And then simply transform from ferryman to ferrywoman (and back again) at 0.1 seconds typing /cc X. How will it be handled then? Will it change title? Or you'll have to zone/retitle...


Otoh this feature seems pretty kewl, since your theme may suggest that you use "holographic projection" or something to disguise yerself, and voice modifier, and all that... Or you're just metamorpho (here spines come)... Or is it...

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To keep this game safe, We have to give it to the world. Here you can download your own Private Server and other files. No moneybags're gonna put this genie back in a bottle!

Arc ID #13097 - Archvillain Beatdown, try it out!

Arc ID #21066 - Archvillain Beatdown - Past Edition!

Make Energy Aura available for Tankers plz, Munitions Mastery (Epic) for Masterminds, Temporal Manipulation (attacks) for Dominators, buff somehow underperforming Lore pets (Robotic Drones, Demons, Seers).

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