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I also would be curious about this.  For me, I'm looking at a 'luxury apartment' with a kitchen, dining room, large living area with patio (if those are possible) and  master bedroom and bath and two guest bedrooms with their own bath. I'm on Everlasting. What kind of influence would that cost me to any pro out there willing to take it on? 

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Different people are, well, different!

Some, if they have the time, will do things for free. Some might ask for whatever you feel it's worth, some may have figured out a fee schedule.


Your particular request is on the easier side of the spectrum, wouldn't take long to knock out, and so, it shouldn't cost too much even if you went with someone you paid. I would venture to say that with just a little info on how to use the editor, you could likely do a good bit of it yourself. 🙂



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Yeah, I am working on something. Might need some people tp do some custom work for me. I have a basic design in mind and working on that.


The Plot is 28 by 24. m. The floors are colored to make the Medieval Cross 3 Pattern. 4 4X8 areas to fill and 4 5X7 and 4 4x3 and 4 3X1.


The 3x1 will be offices.


The 4x3 will be living areas.


The 4X8 Command and control Operations - and 2 gyms Training areas


The 5x7 will be hangers for vehicles  


and the remaining hallways will be used for other stuff. 


I plan to take out all the door ways to the hangers and use  teleport points for them. I am on the Excelsior server entry code is BOTC-1313.



Base design first stage (map).JPG

Base Concept.pdf

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