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You Have Been Kicked Error Code October 6th


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I can log in and when I choose a character it says:


Character … still logging out. Please wait a second, then try again.


It says that at least 30min now. For three different characters atm.


Afterward I'm logged our and if I try to log in it says:


This account is already currently logged in.




You have been kicked. Error Code: -1878787207.


After that I can log in but when I choose a character the same happens as stated above.


When I choose another then one of the three affected, I can Play. But those three are currently not available.

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I'm having the same problem. I get to the character screen and then it  freezes after I select a toon to play. It gave me  two different error codes but didn't write the fisrt one done ooops, but the second error code is 1041922969.  I am alos getting lost connecting to Dbserver. I was finally just now get into the game. 

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Addendum to my last post:


I logged into a toon that worked and saw all 4 of my characters as online in my SG. After logging out of that toon and restarting the game I could choose all those three toons.


I'm on TB.

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3 minutes ago, SEJr said:

This just happened to me. Same place too with Peregrine Island.

I was on SEJr's team at the time. I'm also locked out of my main. Other characters seem to work fine.

Edit - This was on Indomitable

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