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  1. What ? My son on Saturday and Sunday will get at least 12 hours in a day with his Switch, PS4, Xbox and cpu. Who ever came up with those numbers needs to get in touch with reality 😀. I'll tell my son get off of what ever platform he's on and his response is " But dad I'm a Gamer and this is what I do !!"
  2. Words I live by every morning.😀
  3. Depends on what secondary your brute has. My wp brutes still have them running away but I do try to mitigate that with the mu power pool electric fences.
  4. I wish they would reduce the endurance cost for Sands of Mu. I believe it cost around 20 and it is mainly used in your lower levels when endurance management can be a pain. I also would love to see Flurry get changed to a pbaoe that hit up to 3 targets. I love it's animation but as stated above it locks you into place to long for a single melee attack.
  5. Give the AV's an ability that has a chance to turn off all of our set bonuses that last 10-30 seconds that's completely random. Give it a radius of 250 ft. Make it so all the baddies get all the set bonuses that put into them for that period. I just tossing out silly ideas, 😀 lol.
  6. That Option is already there. You can have 3 different builds on every toon. you just have to visit a trainer and switch your build and slot is with TO's, DO's, SO's or Plain IO's.
  7. Most of the teams I've been on that run the Posi 1 & 2 and the Synapse TF's prefer running them at 0 or +1. I'm not saying that I haven't been on teams runing them at +2 an up but most prefer the 0 or +1.
  8. I do like your ideas but not sure it would work. P2W - as long as I can keep Ninja/Beast Run sure. They are my preferred and favorite travel powers. Base Macros - I don't use seeing how I have never understood macros. I still Ninja/Beast run and fly everywhere unless a TT, ATT or Oro Portal appears. I use my trusty corded trackball mouse, spacebar and the W key to go everywhere. Start up funds ?? Does that also include no base storage access. All you have to do is put a few hundred SO's into storage to fund a toon at start up. No AE - There is no difference between an AE farm and PI farming Fire Demons, Council, Bobcat, Battle Maiden etc as each one is catering to your strengths. Temp Powers - just take away the Envenomed Dagger. That will slow down the solo tf's a little bit.
  9. I agree, the should try playing a empathy/energy defender at +4/+8 solo and tell me how easy the game is.
  10. Every toon gets fly. Ninja/Beast run depending on concept. I love Combat Jumping but it turns off Ninja/Beast. I find I have more jumping control with ninja/best and sprint instead.
  11. It's more about not accidentally selling it a a vendor. Any other recipe you can craft and use base storage but for the respec recipe you can only store them in the AH. I believe you can't store them in the Vault and you can't use the respec recipe unless you have no free respecs to use. Yes I could sell them but I don't want to atm.
  12. My picks are 1. Posi 1. I only do it once per toon Ever. 45+ minutes for 11 or 15 merits not worth it. It gives me as much enjoyment as the guy from Casino with his head in the vice/clamp. 2. Posi 2. See choice #1. 3. Any tf in the Shadow Shard. Traveling in those zones just puts me to zzzzzzzzzz.
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