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  1. I always thought Scirocco was the easiest if your able to get past Silver Mantis.
  2. I'm having the same problem. I get to the character screen and then it freezes after I select a toon to play. It gave me two different error codes but didn't write the fisrt one done ooops, but the second error code is 1041922969. I am alos getting lost connecting to Dbserver. I was finally just now get into the game.
  3. I can't stand the cell shading. It looks like a 6 year old was playing with his crayons and coloring book.
  4. That's better. I would switch the LotG's Gloabal rech in Weave with the LotG Def/End in Dodge. Still gotta figurre out what I'm doing wrong on posting builds, been a while so I know it's something simple that I missing.
  5. Well the 1st thing that stands out is you are using the Super Reflex power set and should be slotting IO's for Positional Defense (Melee, Ranged and AoE) . You should be slotting Mako's Bite and Touching Death IO Sets into your attack powers instead of Kinetic Combats. The 2nd thing is you don't have to 4 slot Focused Fighting, Focused Senses, Lucky, Weave, and Combat Jumping. 3 Slots is fine. The 3rd thing is you didn't take Dodge and Evasion. Dodge is Free 5.63% Melee Positional Defense as it cost 0 (zero) endurance and is always on. Evasion is 13.88% AoE Positional defense. The 4th thing is you Don't need to even take Elude to cap you Positional Defense I would post a build for you but I'm apparently doing something wrong on the posting of it and am unable to open the data.
  6. No, leave my WP set alone. PvP has been broken for a long time and if you plan on PvPing then look up one of the few powers that actually work in PvP.
  7. There are 3 free extra attack powers and several o es you can purchase for 5-10k influence. Sands of the Mu Undead Slaying Axe Nemesis Staff/ Wand of whatever it is called
  8. Try the Paragonwiki website. It has a lot of useful information on the game. you can start crafting IO's ( Invention Origin) enhancements at lvl 7 for lvl 10 IO's. you can craft them at the University in Steel Canyon. There is a tutorial there that awards a lvl 15-20-25 enh for free. I forget the contanct atm but if you wait til 22 to do the tutorial you'll get the lvl 25 enh which is much better than the lvl 15. You'll never out level the IO's enhancements which is why most players use them. once you start using IO's you can just sell most of the enhament drops.
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