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  1. If you look underneath your health/stamina bars your inspirations will flash when they are about to expire. The EoE also flash when they are about to expire.
  2. It sounds like someone is upset that they didn't pay attention when the ice cream man was passing through the neighborhood. When they finally caught up all the drumsticks were sold and all that's left is orange popsicles.You want me to give you my drumstick because all that's let is orange popsicles. Ummmm NNNNNOOOOOOOO
  3. That sounds like Stalking unless of course your a Stalker, 😆
  4. If it's global proc then imagine how quickly your defense will drop when you run into a group of baddies that debuffs your defense when they hit. In 10 seconds you could have a cascade failure before you even realize and your dead. Oh well then use an inspiration but that does you no good if you happen to have run out or are unable to combine into a purple becuase you happen to have 2 of everything but different sizes. It's already been stated and the numbers prove that 40% defense is twice as weak as 45% def which is HUGE.
  5. I think the merit cost for ATO's and Winter sets are fine. There's no way I'm gonna spend 20-30 million for any item in the game. When the Winter Packs went on sale for 10 million I bout 20 of them and got around 25 Winter Enhancements. I did get a few dud packs that gave no enhancements and so I'll never buy the Winter Packs at 25 million just for that reason. Even if I got lucky to get 2 Winter enhancements it still works out to 12.5 million and 10 million per any item in the game is my limit. I don't care if I have 2 billion influence saved on a character. I tried the converter deal using merits to get converters but last July I tried to sell 50 converters for 75 K a piece and after 3 weeks I still had 20 left . It just became faster for me to buy the ATO's and Winter sets with Merits and even at 100 a pop I still can get any ATO, Winter or Purple set in about 4 to 4 1/2 hours. To catalyst the enhancement is easy when you have 30+ lvl 50 toons and just run a farm and get switch out toons as they collect the 1 free Catalyst you get every 20-24 hours. For the Farmer haters then just use a radio mish and once you get your Catalyst log out and switch toons.
  6. I just sell all my common salvage & recipes at one of the stores. Takes like 20-30 seconds to do.
  7. I just deleted my lvl 50 SJ/WP Brute. The combos didn't bother me as much as Spinning Strike be a TAoE attack. it should be a PBAoE attack. With Spinning Strike being a TAoE it's really just a cone attack and as a brute or tank you want everything around you not just in front of you.
  8. Thats the reason I only team up for TF's , SF's and Itrials. I'm not going to team up with somebody running regular missions and then not see the Reward Merits. Besides I've already run all of the lvl 1-34 story arcs 30+ times during live. I prefer to run story arcs solo that way I can take my time enjoying the content. There is one exception I remember there being a mission where you have to click on 2 glories on different floors simultaneously but now that we can multibox that no longer a problem.
  9. I actually love the lvl 24 respec. It allows someone who hasn't played the AT to switch out powers they didn't like or move slots around. It only takes 5 minutes at most to do.i find Myself making more mistakes by trying to train a toon when teamed up doing missions, TF's, etc.
  10. I tried CO but I couldn't figure out how to invert or switch the controls for when I tried to move and look. I use the WSAD keys, well actually just the WS to go forward and backwards. I use the spacebar to jump while my right hand controls the direction with my trackball mouse L/R with my thumb.
  11. My GTX 960 heats up to 70 when I triple box.
  12. I have the Unrelenting Fury (not Superiors yet) set in Lightning Rod. I took out 3 of the enh Dam/Rech, ACC/Dam/Rech and the Proc. I have an Agility Boost in Aplha and a Support Core Genome in Hybrid atm. Lightning Rods damage with 3 enh from Unrelenting Fury vs +4/+8 (No Bossess) is 155 pts dam at 175-180% damage bonus with no build up or inspires. Lightning Rod with Build up is 182 pts at 260% damage bonus is 182 pts. Lightning Rod with Build Up and 4 med red inspires is 182 pts at 312% damage bonus. Lightning Rod with several small and med reds dam 182 pts at 346% damage bonus.
  13. I was playing my Elec/Elec brute and noticed that against +4/+8 mobs (no Bosses) that Lightning Rod was maxing out at 182 pts of damage. I was using Lightning Rod with my damage bonus around 180% and getting 170-172 pts. damage. I tried using Build Up with the damage bonus at 180% and did 182 pts of ddamage. I then tried Build Up and 4 med red inspirations the damage bonus was now around 300% and still did 182 pts of damage.
  14. I would drop Conserve from the build above and grab Stealth instead for and additional 1.88% minimum to put you a bit over the 45% Def S/L. It'll let you speed thru some content that you don't want to fight thru. I'd take one of the slots on Physical Perfection and put it in Health and slot it with the Preventive Medicine Proc instead. Here's a different approach on a DB/WP. It goes more for the regen and is still S/L softcapped with S/L resist possible at 64-65% if you put Prevetive Meds in place of the Numi IO's. It also allows for you to have all of you primary attacks so you can use all of you combos if you exemplar. Kinetic Combats are in Brawl as mules for the 3.75% S/L def. | Copy & Paste this data into Mids' Hero Designer to view the build | |-------------------------------------------------------------------| |MxDz;1563;729;1458;HEX;| |78DA6594D94F135114C6EFB4530A2D2DAD15594B17C1B2561A79D6047181802982E| |046EA14061833A175A6A81535E2BB46C1E5415C78313EF987B8E05FE2F2A0319A98| |7A3AE7A36DE824CDEFCC39E79B73EF37733B7173A4FEFDA9F56342F21ED715D34C4| |DCD1B4A36AB1ACE334A6ED550744197774CC9A733A7C3B3DAA21A1E1D7552AA75B7| |2F35A1EAAA1A1F5955F4D4B0AE2CA866B934A22EAA2BA61A9FD5743D9BB9A11AC29| |FCC64F4F8E8CA75CDD4D29AAEE5F26E2B7352D79696730D563CAED2530C7359CB7A| |B8562C692B4BFE13596D3E3E9C59C8A7261433A71AF9665AC800FD6E1557645D055| |924095159D826C1B34C798A3970959890C54C512341D34441907A86EC56AD26C8F7| |359392755F7B8EB9E684843412E6D4628E0B735C7BE6DC268D1D1A3B34F5D0D443E| |3DDA3B9431A076B1C8E2DD9CA795F327DAFC0D7CC7D6FC06DE62C699DBC2FBBF327| |EF67FF2FF03733F187799E7AEBD05B87BD1E9802A799CDD8FB05EA7573AFE4F6A11| |6607AA8E6E19AF0FC1396776ECA35F01E44C35FEEBB4839BF2459F3FC98D78A79AD| |98D78E7997A83780B505366C5CDB64763C039F33EF526FA3F5660A8EC647EC43C76| |3667803DC64269E804F99F748DB04AF9B3EB02FE18FCCC827F033F3F00EF885B94E| |DA16685BAEF0F3220AF3601A9C0717989D2AF33269DBE0671BFCEC849F7EAA05E16| |7D0C5B9FB940B615628CBDF49E735E6210334C11C33B6CA9C236D94B552F4017B16| |7BC8B451AD0BEFA96B8D7376CA75C3FBEE0E0A62B2E809317B23609429536F1FD6D| |A87B54E933D71CC8BBFA06706C8B32DE65B8F1083E81FC4FB6B974BE7D7BE7B7E63| |38233D38233D382321B9746E0BBD655DF1B6404FACCA24AA3247AA32435599F1CA4| |C0DAF3229974EBF90FAD8D93A5FE97417BEBAA88E9D49035CFF5ECED9A4A3FCAFD2| |3BC6CEF5CFB05BDF2A75DDACFB51A9C3D7DF8FAFBE1FAE35D2679B80133B8172BC5| |D8CB1A677D1723EE9B27663C57315B15211A72BE2FFFEBFEDD0| |-------------------------------------------------------------------|
  15. I renamed a toon and the toon ended up 2 rows over in my 23rd character slot. The toon was in the 10th slot. Once he got renamed and was moved I was unable to move him back. I did the playerslot.exe thing and it just put all my toons into their original creation order. Once I did that they've been stuck there since.
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