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  1. The 2 BotZ only offer 8 pts of kb protection. If I remember correctly you need at least 10 pts.
  2. 50 and if I join the AARP I get a free handy dandy insulated trunk organizer.
  3. If they changed one of MA attacks to a cone that would be awesome as long as it's made into a MPBAoE. If it's made into TAoE like the Street Justice Spinning Strike that would suck.
  4. She spawns 45 minutes after she is killed.
  5. I say we ask someone with personal knowledge about regeneration. "Hey Logan, did you click Instant Healing when Magneto ripped out that adamantium from you ?"
  6. I'd rather they fixed the issue where renaming a toon doesn't cause another toon to suddenly overlay onto you renamed toon. Example I have 45 toons. I renamed the toon in the 3rd slot. They toon in the 4th slot now overlays on top to now be in the 3rd slot. The renamed toon is still in the 3rd slot but you have to move the 4th toon off of the 3rd toon. I tried deleting the /playerslot and that didn't correct it. I had to transfer toons 3-45 to other servers and then transfer them all back. I used my 2nd account to save all my toons names as I did the transfers. I'd rather get this
  7. Heck they can even put him on top of Atlas. More people go up there than where he's at right now. I didn't even know he was over there until last Halloween. Has he been there since Galaxy City was destroyed on live ?
  8. In the words of Doctor Evil "One Million Dollars ! It's more than that I think, I don't know really. No.2 how much did this volcano cost with the sharks with lasers ??"
  9. RCU7115

    Most AoE

    Fire has 2 Pbaoe's. Combustion and Fire Sword Circle. It also has a small cone Fire Breath.
  10. I love my Ice/Fire tank. He offers the baddies free popcicles and then warms them up after getting a brain freeze.
  11. Out of the 40+ tpons I have only my warshade and peace ringer use hasten and combat jumping. I usually forgot to click hasten seeing how it has a long recharge so it becomes a wasted power for me. Lol
  12. Don't the streamers get paid by having followers and subscribers like on YouTube ???
  13. Well dual pistols does have 1 pbaoe/meleeaoe attack. If possible have another that shoots out kneecaps in a 10 ft radius. Probably not gonna happen but sure would be fun with a Terminator toon. They'll Live. Lol
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