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  1. I have over 40 toons on my 3 accounts. I have all of them get the explore badges and history plaques for the accolades along with the 5 reward merits. The only zones I don't do are the shards, the 2 sewer zones and the preatoria zones. I eventually do go get the badges in those zones after I enter First Ward for the 4 day job badges. The explore badges usually takes about 5 minutes per zone depending on your choice of travel power.
  2. I'm curious on how many of the Shard TF's will be run once the sgpasscode goes away. I literally fall asleep traveling in those zones. I joined one of the Shard TF's and everyone was using the sgpasscode and I didn't know about it at the time. I felt like dead weight the entire TF.
  3. Street Justice Spinning Strike needs to be changed from an TAoE to PBAoE. It hits about 3 baddies when the baddies are surrounding you. I hit more baddies with Sands of Mu.
  4. I love my Ice Armor Popsicles on my Ice/Fire Tank. The baddies are killing themselves to get one as it melts before they can even suck on it.
  5. Very true. I just stopped trying to herd 2 groups together because I turn around and that 1st group is now immobilized and scattered everywhere because they were trying to follow me.
  6. I sometimes use the ouro system to get to Nova, Imperial & Neutropolis. You can use the gateways located just underneath the train stations in Atlas , Talos, Founders. There is also a gateway next to the ferry in Peregrine. Another ways is to use your base to go to Night Ward. There is a gateway behind you and just to your right.
  7. I've had it happen a few times but I just found the two roons stacked on top of each other. I then moved then toon that got stacked on top to a free space. I then transferred that toon to another server and then back and it seems to have fixed the issue.
  8. Here give this a try. http://www.cohplanner.com/mids/download.php?uc=1498&c=709&a=1418&f=HEX&dc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
  9. This is what I have on y Staff/WP brute. It Might help then it might not. http://www.cohplanner.com/mids/download.php?uc=1581&c=735&a=1470&f=HEX&dc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
  10. I would just like to know if Kallisti Wharf has any exploration badges yet ?
  11. This is what I'm currently using for my Ice/Fire tank. There are some changes I'm planning on doing but just haven't gotten around to it yet. I was thinking about putting 3 Aegis in Permafrost and putting the extr slot into Frozen Armor along with switching out the Hecatomb set with Mako's and taking a slot from Physical Perfection and putting it in Glacial Armor for and additional 11.25% S/L resist. So many toons so little time. I haven't figured out how to cover the Psy hole beside purple insp. The Toxic hole is just using Hoarfrost and I might put in an Unbreakable Guard 7.5 % hp boost in plce of a Numi and actually switch the Numis for Prevent Meds for an add 2.25% S/L. Blue Baller Brawler - Tanker (Ice Armor).mxd
  12. If you look underneath your health/stamina bars your inspirations will flash when they are about to expire. The EoE also flash when they are about to expire.
  13. It sounds like someone is upset that they didn't pay attention when the ice cream man was passing through the neighborhood. When they finally caught up all the drumsticks were sold and all that's left is orange popsicles.You want me to give you my drumstick because all that's let is orange popsicles. Ummmm NNNNNOOOOOOOO
  14. That sounds like Stalking unless of course your a Stalker, 😆
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