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This Team did great

Prince Vegeta

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@backfire led this league. I can tell you, Backfire (as Alexander Hamidon) is a fairly clear and fast communicator. There's a discord available, but he doesn't need it. He can relay the information and if he uses macro's, I can't tell. 

When others were leading for the first time, and not communicating very quickly, others could see @backfire's suggestions/directions if they weren't sure what to do. He certainly does a better job of it than I do. 

But as far as using pets - that's nothing new. We always use lore pets (and mm pets, etc). As for strategies, same strategy we've been using since the hive re-capped at 50. Not to take anything away, but it wasn't like it was an 8 man team. (which has been done)

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