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/Bio advice.


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Alright. I made a TW/Bio. And I am having trouble really wrapping my head around the strengths and weaknesses of /bio so far as what to really build it towards with sets end game. I really, really enjoy the smashy feel of titan weapons and I like /bio as a set, but I feel like I'm squishier than I should be and it's in part because I haven't really figured out how to really use /bio for tanking. 


I would like to build this brute for tanking over damage. Not that I want to specifically be responsible for being the main tank, but I want to be able to handle what incarnate can throw at me over maximizing pylon times. Can anyone run me down the /bio powers and tell me how they slot them and why, what they're trying to achieve with the build? I found a scrapper build I could use, but I more need to understand my secondary better and what holes /bio has and how best to plug them. 

General guidance, specific power breakdowns, etc, anything welcome. 

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Disclaimer: My Bio is a tank.


Bio Armor took me a while to figure out myself as I main an Invul tank. Bio armor is far more active using the click powers and a far more layered approach to survival.

Even slotted out fairly expensively on a tank I do not reach the defense soft cap for S/L though the resist is  90% (Keep in mind with Bio the more enemies the More S/L resist you get). Conversely you will get decent defense to other damage types (except for Psi) but, somewhat anemic resistances to those types. I mention this as it is easier to build the defenses and resistances already offered by the set, and tough weave.


Bio plugs the defense/resist holes with regen healing and absorb. You want to slot up Ablative Carapace for heal absorb and recharge and keep it up as much as possible.

To that end slot I slotted for global recharge and regeneration. Getting the Accolades for +HP helps as well.


The Absolute biggest difference I discovered with Bio Armour from other armor sets I have played is that the set works best by being proactive as opposed to reactive. Hit DNA Siphon before you Really need it and use it to debuff as well. Start Parasitic Aura before jumping into 20 mobs and keep up Ablative as much as you can. Choose your Adaptations wisely. Offensive does give a nice DPS boost but drops your resistances but be sure to factor in offensive you are not, of course, getting the boost from defenses from defensive stance (around 5% on my tank). I know this seem obvious but is easy to forget.


I have my Bio/Spines build posted on the tank forums. While I understand there different numbers and goals it may give you a jumping off point.

Hope that helps.

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My TW/Bio is a scrapper so I come from that perspective.

Firstly, what stance are you using ? Brutes benefit the least from the +25% damage from the Offensive Adaptation since they stack +dmg% naturally from their Fury mechanic, so Defensive or Efficient adaptations are probably more suited to being a Brute. My scrapper always runs in Offensive Adaptation when I am doing farms, and I will switch to Defensive when I am doing ITF or other higher level content where I see my HP dropping even through my regular clickies.

The thing with /Bio is that you need to press your buttons a lot. For example when doing a +4/8 farm (I use map #10890 for s/l farm btw) my HP will drop real fast during the alpha strike period so right after I'm done doing my build up rotation, I press Ablative Carapace and DNA Siphon to get back up to full then it doesn't move for the rest of the enemy cluster

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