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Dom Earth Assault "Power Up" Not buffing powers


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The new Dom Earth Assault "Power up" ability is buffing damage, but does not seem to be buffing other powers.  For example, it is supposed to buff defense and healing, but it is neither working on Patron Link Minds defense buff nor Unleash Potential defense or regen buffs.  I can confirm the old Power Boost used to work on Link Minds.


Thanks for repair!

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At work so I can't check anything myself, but not sure why it wouldn't affect Unleash Potential's Defense buff off the top of my head.


Link Minds has never been able to be affected by power boost effects, it has always been flagged to ignore outside buffs/debuffs because damage buffs would interact with it's psionic resistance. This has been the case since Link Minds was created.


Power boost effects have also never affected regen buffs; it's worded a bit poorly, but they buff heal strength, so just true heals (that aren't flagged to ignore outside buffs, like Reconstruction), not necessarily any power that accepts healing enhancements.

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The Strange Relationship between Damage Buffs and Damage Resistance OR "Why doesn't Power Boost work on Cold Shields!?"

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