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Poison on Corruptor


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Poison isn't really terrible, but its lackluster and quite outshined by other sets that do most things way better.


I tried it a few times but could never really warm up to it and ended up deleting the character. I suggest you try it on the test server and see if it fits your playstyle. Sadly it didn't fit mine.

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At end game poison really only has two good powers, envenom and venomous gas. Everything else is rather mediocre. Even a fully proc'd poison trap isn't all that inspiring. It also lacks a self heal which is really necessary on a corruptor for most content. The whole set is rather lackluster. I have a poison/water defender that works decently to debuff mobs and heal myself with water's dehydrate. I'd recommend a defender for poison though for the higher -res and easier ability to softcap defenses because poison does not add much to your survivability.

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I've tried poison on a number of characters and my main is Plant/Poison troller.  You can do well proc'ing it out.  But what others have said is pretty true.  It's an adequate set at best but if you are looking for an av killer, then they're pretty good.  


Weaken and envenom work really well together to keep you safe if you have some recharge to get them stacking.  However... Only against one target.  Yes there's splash, but it doesn't seem to be great that way and the splash radius is kind of small.


Paralytic poison is a decent ST hold which can also be a good ST attack with procs.  


I like it a little better than most but the advice you are getting here is not wrong.  Defender is probably the way to go... Water or dark is a good pairing for their heals in their attacks.

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