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A recipe/salvage only 'reward' tab for chat channels

Razor Cure

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If there is a way to do this...sorry!

If not..a way to have recipe and salvage drops show up in a chat tab, but NOT all the xp/inf scroll.


I like my main tab to just show IMs, BC chat, and rewards. The trouble is, the rewards show the xp/inf, which fulls up the screen fast when rolling along. and its easy to get a RECIPE FOUND popup on your screen, but the text is instanly lost in 50 lines of reward scrolling. If you don't actually know all the recipes you have in your inv (easy to do, with alts), it can be a pain to work out exactly what recipe dropped1

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I have a large tab with all my chat channels and a smaller tab above it for system and such.  Maybe something similar would work for you?  You still have to scroll thru the system tab to see what dropped or just open your recipe tab but it helps the chat not scroll too fast.  Play with your edit tab and you can probably find a set up that works for you.

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You can create your own custom tabs easily with a right click. You can then assign exactly which channels are on it. I personally do have a Rewards tab and I have only the Rewards and Request/Auction channel on it. As already mentioned xp information does go into that same channel, but it's actually quite easy to backscroll and see recipe drops when xp and drops are the only thing in the window. Recipes stand out very well.

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