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I mained a Peacebringer on live and on HC... how different are warshades?


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I know they're different. Something about mires. I don't know what a mire is, but warshades seem to talk about them a lot.


What I liked about peacebringers:

  • Master of none, flexible playstyle - the OG tankmage
  • The self-sufficiency - the only thing they really lack is defence and psi resistance.
  • You could sort of play whichever form you felt like, though in practice dwarf form gets outpaced unless you really need to taunt stuff
  • Bright and flashy visuals, but I can tolerate emo purple
  • Quantums were a challenge... They've been toned down and no longer one-shot you, but they're still a challenge.


My other mains have been a kin defender (which plays range but sort of has to stay in melee range for buffs), a mind/storm controller (embrace the chaos), a rad/rad brute (I think I liked the costume more than the playstyle, but she did feel powerful), a stalker (fun but completely overpowered) and a fortunata (the gen 2 tankmage and hands down the most fun I've had in the game)...


I really like the master of none playstyle of the fortunata and peacebringer and warshades seem almost the point where they crossover as it's an armoured semi-control/DPS hybrid that stays in mid range...


So, people who've played peacebringers and warshades - how much do they differ in practice?

Doctor Fortune  Soulwright Mother Blight Brightwarden Storm Lantern Shadow Self Corona Borealis
Blood Fortunado Dark/Dark Corruptor Rad/Rad Brute Gravity/Time Controller Storm/Water Defender Warshade Dark/Dark Tanker
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I've played every AT to 50, with often times tons of time spent with each across all content (mm is my newest AT that I'm getting the hang of still, but the others I'm pretty decent at).


Warshade plays somewhat similar to a PB, albeit it relies on using mob density for it's main mechanic. Warshades shine brightest when they are surrounded by tons of mobs.


The main thing is to arrive for enough global recharge to perma Eclipse, then it's basically the same as perma lightform as long as you hit enough mobs. Stygian Circle it's AOE heal is the same, more bang for you buck the more you hit. It has a PBAoE Dot toggle, dark extraction, your nuke, etc. Sunless and Dwarf Mire each work the same way, the more mobs they hit the more damage you will do (that's in place of buildup).


Because it's all about mob density/aoes, it pairs extremely well with stealth. You have a stealth power in your secondary, and you can slot a stealth IO into Sprint. That will let you position yourself to pick your engagements. Also with stealth, you have an inherent recall friend so you can help tf's speed up missions as well.


It's a fun AT to play, and I'd argue the most complex in the game, especially if you go 3 form, and juggle all the mechanics.

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I would say the PB is a lot simpler to play and easier to slot than WS, heal and endurance on PB dont need enemies unlike WS which is same about WS's equivalent of  LightForm etc. The WS is more complex in terms of buffs and staying alive and has some nice looking abilties and coming from a PB my self, it sure does look interesting.


So, my best advice (which is what im trying to do) is to simply play both, keep reading builds and always ask for help on the forums, theres plenty of people who are willing to give some good help and guidance.

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