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TEST SERVER ONLY: Import Mids builds into a character?

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Not that I know diddly, but I'm guessing that would require a lot of work. Best guess: writing something up that reads a third party's code and translates that into a Respec tool. It could go through and place the powers in order and allot the slots as well. Probably couldn't place enhancements even if you already had them available. But even just doing powers and slots would save a lot of time. 


I'm sure I'll be corrected on that shortly. 

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9 hours ago, MunkiLord said:

No way, I want this for live too

Too exploitable, using this on test only would allow people to effectively test out things in rapid time.


@Rylas, true just some way of easily going through and quickly loading in slots or something would be nice. Or a built in store with all enhancements / IOs that doesnt require the jerk hack menu 😕

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