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Costume help... integrating Dark/negative hands...

Shred Monkey

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For the purpose of this post I'm going to use the word "negative" aura.  What I mean by this is it's the dark-umbral-blackish aura some powers have where they cover up everything in a dark tint.  It can be colored somewhat, but it is mostly just blackness with a slight tint.  It is in a lot of powers, and most sets have it as an option to some extent.


Here's my scenario, but I'm sure there's others with the same problem....


I've got a Bio Armor toon... I like to run Offensive adaptation, but I really dislike the look of the "negative" aura on his hands.   The other adaptation options put a negative aura more generally around the body, but offense is directly on his hands in a big poofy balls.  This happens to be a stalker, so it's even worse when  everything else on him fades and there's just these poofy balls running around.  Minimal FX are not a given option for adaptation as they are on other powers.  The only options are original or bright... bright isn't bright color options, it just lets you slightly alter the tint to the darkness.


One option I've tried to find was a way to just apply a negative tint to his whole body using a costume aura, but I couldn't find any costume auras with the negative effect.  Coloring flame and glow auras black doesn't work, that just makes it colorless (i.e. grey) and very feint.  


 Does anyone know any tricks to either making these effects go away, or to giving the full costume a negative aura?  So far, I have not found any.   Even if I could give the negative effect to just his eyes, that would be better than the disembodied black-poofy hands.

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