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+Per vs +ACC


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In the build Hyperstrike wrote for Invul DM it has a global +Per rectified reticle. To me i would pit in a + ACC Kismet. My thinking is DM needs the accuracy for it’s targeted PBAoE combat buff and targeted PBAoE endurance replenishment powers


can someone help me understand the differences and benefits between these two procs and why + perception would be better here?



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ONLY Hyperstrike can give the exact reasons, but I would lean to the +perceptionIO over the kismet +tohit (its tohit, not accuracy, despite its claim).


Without the build, I am making some assumptions:


1.   Base to-hit is 75%.   If the build has large IO bonus of +accuracy, it may make be close to 'max out' accuracy (95% maximum), and not needed.

2.  Invulernability has an aura (invincibility) which gives +def/+to hit per foe in rnage.    More in aura, the less you need additional to-hit bonuses. 2% (base) to-hit per foe.

3.  Dark melee combat buff (soul drain) gives +2% per hit per foe.  Its base is 90% (according to pine's) to hit, add a minimum 2% from invincibility, and you are at 92% to hit(!), BEFORE any accuracy bonuses.   With no global bonuses, its easy to have soul drain up-time to 50%, or full time with enough global bonus.

4.  siphon life (the heal, I believe you referred) is base 75% to hit.   Not very difficult, with a single target (invincibility+soul drain) to give 4%-6.4% to hit (if slotted).   Siphon life is melee, so it can miss single target, but 10seconds recharge time, and 10% base heal, it can easily be slotted to 20% heal every 3-5 seconds.   That is INSANE.   Even with NO accuracy slotting, 4/5 hits will connect, healing 80% HP over 20 seconds (assume 4 second recharge, 5 attempted hits).


Now, kismet +to-hit IS very nice.   But why perception?    From experience, fighting widows (recluse minions) they tend to spam smoke.   I LITERALLY can not target, nor see them.   With my invul/ss tank, all I could do was hide behind a door (because the widows will range attack outside of footstomp), and put footstomp on auto ...  It was painfully slow ...   I had to ask for help, just to target the widow's, so I could make progress (this was happening EVERY mob).  If you PvP (I dont), it is preferred for seeing stealth foes (not sure about stalker hide ..)


A reason to have the kismet is Crey paragons.  They tend to elude, which maximizes their defense.  In that case, you'll want every bit of +to hit and accuracy as possible, as you will be wiffing up a storm.


Easiest solution:  carry both, use the cheap IO unslotters to change as desired (or depending upon enemy types).




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7 hours ago, tellania said:

A reason to have the kismet is Crey paragons.  They tend to elude, which maximizes their defense.

Back on Virtue, when Crey Paragons would use their MINUTES OF GLORY power, I would just grab their aggro and do /em newspaper on my defense softcapped MA/SR Scrapper and give everyone a laugh until their buff duration expired, at which point I would just "flip out and kill them" ...




Verbogeny is one of many pleasurettes afforded a creatific thinkerizer.

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