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The sorting and identifying of the Winter Presents


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okay so for those that are gathering the 200 presents for Toy Collector and the gladiator badge during the event you have undoubtedly gained some inspirations in the form of presents but they are supposed to be a mystery as to what they are.


Well there are 6 different kinds:


1. Damage booster

2. Stamina booster

3. Defense booster

4. Healing

5. Gift of Experience = 1 hour debt protection

6. Lump of coal


They all look the same so you can't tell which is which right away.


So here is what you could do


1. Put 6 inspiration storage bins in your base

2. Insert all presents in your inspiration tray into one bin.  The bin will sort them by type but not ID them

3. Take one of the sets of presents out of the bin and stick those presents in another bin, repeat until all 6 bins have only ONE type of present in them

4. Now starting with Bin #1, take out one present.  Right click it and select detailed info and scroll to the bottom and with 4 of the presents it will tell you what it does.

5. Put it back into the storage bin and then for future reference put one regular inspiration in the bin that corresponds to the type of presents in the bin.  For example: presents that offer damage boost, insert a red inspiration into the bin so that you know what is in there.  Repeat this for the stamina, heal and defense presents.

6. Now for the 2 types that do not show data: if you put them all in one bin they will show as two stacks, so make sure that each type is in its own bin. Now open one from one of the bins and see what it is: if it is the gift of experience, I insert a break free into the bin to mark it.  Break frees help prevent debt by waking you up from stuns/holds/sleeps so they technically correspond to the Gift of Experience.  Once this is done then you know which bin has the lumps of coal in it and you do not need to mark it with an inspiration.


Once you are done sending your alts around to gather presents you can then easily figure out which bins to dump them into, then when all is done you can sell the lump of coal presents on the market.  The market has all 6 presents listed but doesn't seem to indicate which is which so some people are buying lumps of coal.


There are no presents that act as orange inspirations, accuracy inspirations or awakens.

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25 alts with all the badges!

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There's another way to do it:  Right-click and check Info.  Then Detailed Info tab.

The Endurance, Defense, Healing, and Damage are all clearly identifiable straight away.

The one with 16 targets max and 20ft radius is the Debt Protector.

And the one with no additional data is the Lump of Coal.

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