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Anyone (else) from this VG still around and if so would like to have any alts reconnect to the group? I'm working on the base in the near future , so it's not usable quite yet. Going to be doing a big indoor/outdoor style area in the future to resemble the OG base we had. Aiming for Base is 100% useable for those who want storage/crafting/travel shortcuts. Open to coalitions for those who want to use the travel bits for convenience when the base is operational.


[EDIT] Group is on Torch server

OG Server: Pinnacle  <||>  Current Primary Server: Torchbearer  ||  Also found on the others if desired

Installing CoX:  Windows  ||  MacOS  ||  MacOS for M1  <||>  Migrating Data from an Older Installation

Clubs: Mid's Hero Designer  ||  PC Builders  ||  HC Wiki  ||  Jerk Hackers

Old Forums  <||>  Titan Network  <||>  The City Representative (Info site for all servers)  <||>  Heroica! (by @Shenanigunner)


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