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  2. Weird issue, some categories are double counting entries. Can be seen here in the Rogue Isles Alignment Missions Lvl 20-29, where the listed number of pages is 20 when it should be 10. This causes issues on pages like Alignment Missions where it displays the contents of a category in a list. Here it shows that each page is for some reason listed twice. I'm not sure if this only has to do with prefixed pages like "Mission:", can't find the cause. May just be that the categories aren't correctly removing old entries when changes are made. As far as I've seen this is affecting the three Rogue Alignment Mission categories 20-29 30-39 40-50, not sure if there are others. The only page in these that isn't currently duplicated in the category is 8UFF00N's Left Hand for whatever reason. This issue is not found on the same pages on the Paragon Wiki. Edit: This is also likely responsible for Mission:Common - Take package to Stephanie Peebles still appearing in the Category:Candidates for Deletion
  3. Sorry I missed this topic! I'd be quite interested in reading about SCORE and what went on during the shutdown period. As far as breaking up issue 26 into its respective pages, I think it would be fine to do that. My sense is that there is enough content for each one to support its own wiki page, but if it turns out that it would be better suited to have one wiki page with a section for each issue 26 Page, then that would be fine too.
  4. I'm getting caught up after a brief hiatus, but I've posted the help request thread. Feel free to add (or answer) requests there!
  5. IDK know enough about the history of SCORE itself (and the internal conflicts?), but from the outside I know there was a lot of IP related concern even back then, so maybe make something up, put it in the warmer, and bake whenever these "talks" cease. That way it's There, but not triggering any Google spiders.
  6. Just checking, is there any opposition to creating a page describing SCORE and the period of time between CoH Shutdown and the launch of Homecoming, and classifying Issue 25 as work done under the SCORE developers, with Issue 26 onwards being Homecoming developed content? On a similar note, would it be worth separating Issue 26 out in to it's Pages 1 to 5 major updates? Just want to gather thoughts.
  7. Sure. I have been slowly updating the Praetorian mission arc reward merits as I run them. About to enter First Ward. But the more help we can get, the better.
  8. I was thinking of creating a thread on the main forum whose purpose would be to request specific info for use on the wiki. For instance, I am in the process of verifying the merit rewards for a handful of flashback arcs, and while I could run them all individually (and have done so in some cases), it would be more efficient to put a call out to the player base for screenshots of the rewards for those arcs. Think of it as a kind of crowd-sourcing of the info needed to update the wiki, so that the wiki editors wouldn't have to rely as much on their firsthand knowledge and/or verifying info in-game themselves. It might also allow folks who might otherwise be reluctant to edit the wiki themselves to have a chance to contribute. So, for my fellow wiki editors, is this something that would be useful? I have 2-3 examples of things I could post, but I'd like it to be something that sees regular use and I don't want to be the only one that ends up posting there!
  9. As it stands right now,unless I am missing a trick, you can only get to this UHW forum from the clubs tab. However, the Mids club has a subforum link that is easy to click from the main board. I say this club should have one to. Or some kind of link on the main page.
  10. Absent any reply saying why that's not so, in the next few days I'll do the proposed merge.
  11. The only place in game that it's said as far as I'm aware is the Reconnaissance Officer NPC in the zone, usually near the zone entrance. For instance, in the Hollows the recon officer says: " You have arrived in The Hollows, which is considered a Hazard zone". The rules for what constitutes a Trial or Hazard Zone have been weird and inconsistent since day 1 however. Ultimately the classification of these zones comes down to what the Reconnaissance Officer NPC in the zone says. Edit: Found a page which has them all listed: https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Reconnaissance_Officer but yeah, they definitely don't all say. So according to the recon officers: The Hollows: Hazard Boomtown: Hazard Striga Isle: Hazard Crey's Folly: Hazard The Abyss: Trial Generally, I'd say anything that's not a city zone is by default a Hazard zone, and some Hazard zones are also Trial zones.
  12. https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Trial_Zone seems confused. It looks like it wants to be a list of the Hazard Zones that include trials... but since when does the Storm Palace? (And if so, why say "Many of these zones contain Task Forces, Strike Forces, or Trials"?) https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Hazard_Zone would then presumably be all the Hazard Zones that don't have trials... except there's "Eden" again. I wonder if I am missing some long-forgotten statement in the early days of the game as to which zone was which kind. If not, I suggest I merge the two pages into "Hazard Zone" leaving a redirect and note on the combined page which zones have Trials.
  13. I _think_ all explore badges are now correct, but that might be hubris. I posted about this elsewhere, but I found some but not all Atlas Park explores had "See Also: Villain Exploration Badges" and were in that category. In my view that is wrong; the see also is bad because they don't appear on the list if you visit that See Also link, and the category is bad because the two categories for Hero and Villain explore badges will contain almost exactly the same things. In my view such badges should list only the See Also and cat for the side they're from. For a page like "International Spy" (that just details a separate redside title for a blueside badge), I suggest See Also: Hero Exploration Badges (the page that actually lists it), but Category: Villain Exploration Badges (which is making that cat do two jobs, but perhaps useful ones). Currently also Praetoria explore badges are in both cats. I submit they should be in neither, and a note should be added to the top of the hero and villain cats that notes that heros/villains can get them and links to the Praetorian cat.

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