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  2. Like most things it was changed during Issue 25 under SCORE. Specifically in 2016, though that much detail isn't necessary for the wiki.
  3. Hey guys, wanted to update the Oracle page since it no longer does SuperGroup Missions but is now a Tip Mission seller. But I was wondering if anyone knows exactly when this change took place ? What Issue ?
  4. Thanks for the clarification, Jess!
  5. Thank you for posting that, and thank you for being willing to help out with the wiki. I don't think there is anything you need to apologize for, and I wouldn't go so far to say that you did anything wrong. Worst case scenario is that edits can be reverted pretty easily, but it sounds like you are going to focus on adding back in the data that was removed, with updated info. And that sounds fine to me. In this case the logic behind the edits on some of those pages wasn't quite clear at the time, and it was a little worrisome to see so much information deleted. Especially since I ha
  6. Sorry about this guys. Please by all means let me know if I'm doing it wrong. What I'll do today is the ones that I have changed I will update them with the new information for all archetypes. That way I don't confuse you guys. It's gonna take me awhile, though, so give me a few hours. I'm sorry if I created a problem. I found that there were a lot of changes in Issue 27, Page 2 so I figured it would be good to update it. Especially when it came to the Movement power sets. I used Homecoming Wiki in conjunction with Mids Reborn because they are the most up-to-date when it comes to stats and pow
  7. They responded to my PM. I don't want to copy it here without their permission, so I asked them to post the reply here so we can all chime in.
  8. True, I just wish there were a more direct way to contact them to find out why they have made those edits. I don't have any admin rights on the wiki but I wonder if it would be worth revoking their edit rights until a rationale for the edits is provided.
  9. Ouch. I'm glad that Wiki articles can be easily reverted at least.
  10. They are back at it, Dark Blast this time. I saw Aberrant tried to reach them via their wiki personal page. I'll send a PM, but they haven't been on the forums in several weeks.
  11. @cohjess8107 just edited a half dozen Wiki articles, removing a bunch of tables which effectively gutted them. I'm curious as to why. The articles involved are Munitions Mastery, Leviathan Mastery, Mace Mastery, Mu Mastery, Soul Mastery, and Beam Rifle. Blaster isn't the only AT in the game, and the various power sets have different powers and levels on different ATs, as the Wiki articles showed until the various non-Blaster tables were removed.
  12. I've added animate GIFs for the following i25 emotes: Cameraphone Despair DoubleFacepalm LieDown LookUp Shocked SLRCamera Smartphone Text WalkieTalkie and for the following costume change emotes: CCLightMagic CCRainbow That should cover all the emotes that were missing animations. If I missed one, or if one of the ones I uploaded is incorrect, please let me know!
  13. Enjoy! https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Costume_Emote_CCRainbow This was my first stab at making a GIF, and it lost a little quality in translation from screenshots to GIF, but from what I have read there may be nothing I can do about that given the GIF format limitations. I used GIMP to animate it, and if anyone has any pointers for potentially making it a bit higher image quality I am all ears. If I can get it to a higher quality state I will upload a new version. My basic process was: Dump screenshots (JPG format) from demo playback Select range of sc
  14. I could probably knock enough rust off my demorecord skills to be able to make one of Ghost Widow doing the emote. Turning it into a GIF for the wiki is an entirely different matter, though. And actually I just found this which may make the process easier: https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Talk:Emotes/Animation_Cohdemo If there are other emotes missing from the page, it's because I am not aware of them. I gave the page a few good goings-over last fall and added all the emotes I knew about.
  15. https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Emotes#Costume_Change_Emotes Does anyone have the means of demorecording Ghost Widow doing the Rainbow Costume Change emote? Are there any other emotes still missing from this page?
  16. I agree that the triplet should be x, y, z, even if the axes those letters represent in-game are different from what those axes typically represent in real-world applications. I do GIS work for a surveyor, so they way the game handles the x, y, and z axes (not to mention the positive/negative directions) makes my brain hurt sometimes. But, as you noted, the single most important thing is consistency so I am all in favor of these changes and appreciate your getting that ball rolling. I've modified the thumbtack page I made a little while ago and I'll do a quick check around to see if I need to
  17. I've just seen Faultline on Discord complaining we can't quite decide if coordinates are x,y,z (as in the Coordinates page) or x,z,y (as in one Demo Editing page and the Location Header template). The two points of view seem to be that a triplet of coordinates should always be x,y,z (which I agree with, and from what Faultline is saying, seems to be the internal representation) versus an idea that the Z axis is always vertical. I've changed this since I hope a decade-old convention amongst demo editors might now be dead... but this is a pretty drastic move and if anyone hates it, s
  18. Well, only one. Odd; I thought I reviewed pretty well every new user edit. I fear I've been lax about proposed deletions, too; I've been through and cleaned the lot out.
  19. I just wanted to note here that I moved all the existing Leaping and Running sets over to their new Leaping & Sprints and Running & Sprints categories, respectively. However, since the devs noted that there may be other sets in the future that use the existing Leaping and Running categories again, I left all the existing infrastructure in place for those categories. In some cases, I used redirects, and in others I added notes and links explaining that there may be sets to go in those pages/categories in the future, and where to go to find the sets that moved. I also fixed a
  20. There are some truly strange and messed up people in this world.
  21. The Homecoming Wiki is starting to get spammed. See here, here, and here.
  22. Thanks for the great replies! It is a learning process , I do a lot of copy/paste but I am getting familiar with it. I never thought to call the contact again....have to look into that. Not sure that will be an option for a tips mission. And 3 more pages added to my bookmarks 🙂
  23. Thanks for keeping me straight Aberrant, my lack of experience in editing missions is showing!
  24. In this case, since the Tip missions don't have a contact per se, I wouldn't use this template. In the past it has generally only been used for mid-mission dialogues and task npcs, rather than the mission's contact dialogue, otherwise the whole page just fills up with images of their face and links to their own page! @SuperPlyx The changes you've made so far have been top notch! 👍 Speaking of which, in your addition of Athletic Run to Inherent Powers, you asked about finding the right icon. You can currently find every power icon image in the game on the page Macro Image (Slash Com

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