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  2. https://homecoming.wiki/wiki/Veteran_Levels#Costume_Change_Tokens_&_Respecs asserts that vet levels grant respecs not every 10 levels but on the schedule from the old Veteran Rewards program on live. I don't know this isn't true - I don't count my respecs and it seems like the kind of silly bug that might sneak in - but can anyone confirm that it's so? (And also, if it's instead of, not in addition to, one respec every ten levels).
  3. Anyone know who can fix this, pronto? As I feared, Google's penalizing the site. I get zero homecoming.wiki links half the time I search a topic + "homecoming wiki".
  4. Not sure when this happened, but the Vector skin, which is mobile friendly by default, has been mobile unfriendly lately. On mobile, I'm seeing size distortions, such as tiny fonts and icons mixed with normal size fonts and icons, and forced desktop layouts, such as a column of site links taking up much of the left side of the screen. These problems are consistent with a missing meta viewport. I also don't see a meta viewport in the HTML head. See Manual:How to make a MediaWiki skin#Responsive skins / adding a meta viewport for a possible solution. First screenshot is wiki's current appearance on my phone. Second screenshot is hacked to have a meta viewport.
  5. This should be fixed, I upgraded the wiki and the config options for password security seems to have been changed.
  6. For the past day or so, I've been unable to logon. I get this lovely error:
  7. Yeah I have some crude GM spawn /locs from Kallisti from past events, but I plan to get much better data from demo recordings during this event. I am actually not sure about any of the Echo zones, but the spawn data was in the leaked dataset so I assume they have spawns. Between the 5 live shards and all the various testing shards, I'm hoping it won't take too long to gather that data.
  8. Halloween GMs definitely do spawn in Kallisti Wharf, FWIW. No idea about Echo: Atlas Park.
  9. I did a thorough overhaul of all the Halloween GM maps on the wiki: https://homecoming.wiki/wiki/Halloween_Event/Giant_Monsters I pulled the spawn data from the i24 leaked data spawndef files, and included maps for every zone that had the appropriate Halloween event spawndefs. It ended up being 40 total maps, about 10 of which weren't previously on the wiki. Given that the data was from the i24 dataset, some of it might have been updated for Homecoming, so if anyone notices any issues please let me know. I also need to gather spawn data in Kallisti Wharf and Echo: Atlas Park once the event starts, because those maps should also have GM spawns but there wasn't any data in the i24 dataset for them.
  10. Hello not sure what this is all about I am new here today But I'm sure I will get to understand it all shortly.
  11. Perhaps someone else got this already, but Lost Motivation is from the 25-29 Magic contact; Traditionalist Foil from Steven Sheridan.
  12. Updating this for i27p4. I never got around to updating the emotes page above, but now that there are some new emotes (and some changes to emotes) in i27p4, I'll put the emotes page cleanup back on my to-do list. In the immediate future, I plan to update the new/updated power icons on the Macro image page, either tonight to first thing tomorrow this update is now complete. I updated the settitle listing page a little while ago. I have another couple of smaller wiki update projects (not necessarily related to i27p4) that I'm almost ready to begin working on. One will update the Halloween giant monster spawn maps, and another will (hopefully) improve/standardize how vidiotmaps are linked in the zone info box on the page for each zone. I crudely cobbled together something that worked when I updated that in the early wiki days, but now that I know slightly more I think I can make it better.
  13. For a couple of reasons, I needed and ended up generating a dataset of all badge names (by category) in their in-game sequential order. I started with data from Badger and verified it against the in-game display, editing as necessary. I know some of the in-game sequential badge lists on the wiki have been updated (mostly by KaiMoon I think), but there may be others that need updating. I wish I had time to do it myself, but I've got other stuff (including a couple of planned wiki projects) I am working on for the forseeable future. So if anyone would like the dataset, please let me know and I can share. Otherwise, I'll add the update project to my long-term list.
  14. Happy to help! It turned out "secseparators" was in a format only used by old versions of DPL. Updating that line fixed the duplicates. https://homecoming.wiki/wiki/Special:Diff/298400/300536
  15. I meant to follow up on this sooner, but this issue seems to be resolved. I have been watching with interest all the work that Kai Moon has been putting in on the wiki, and I think that one of the changes they made might have fixed this, but given that a lot of that work is above my level of wiki comprehension, I am not totally sure. At any rate, it appears to be back to normal, and is arguably better than before.
  16. Sounds good! I saw some of the discussion on Discord and was considering editing it myself but wanted to do a little testing to verify it for myself before I felt comfortable editing.
  17. Discussion on Discord and testing in game has made it pretty clear that while the Absorb Proc is a proc in the sense that, well, it procs, it is a Global in other respects - it's always on regardless of the state of the power it's in. For example, I was able to slot it in a rez (some defender primaries take Healing sets in their rez) and trigger it by falling from the top of the skybox. I'm mentioning this because I intend to edit the wiki to reflect this and it's going to be pretty confusing for anyone who doesn't know why.
  18. Wanted to post a link to this topic for better visibility in case it gets lost in general.
  19. Loading screen tips have now been overhauled. I pulled a bunch of old (mostly no longer relevant) tips and added any new tips. The tips on there are as they appear in the current game files. I also deleted/renamed categories as appropriate. There may be a tip or three that might be better suited for a different category, as I didn't spend a ton of time pondering each tip and which category it best fit. I also added links as best I could to the tips I added/edited. There were a couple of tips that still might have some relevance, and I thought of perhaps adding a 'historical tips' section at the bottom for any that fit that bill. I did not do that but I'll keep thinking about it. Its easy enough to copy them out of the history and add them back to the page if so. Most of the ones I removed, though, were no longer relevant at all.
  20. I'm slowly whittling away at my list above. Between my mods, the wiki, and the Badger site, it's been a busy 24 hours! Speaking of Badger, if anyone needs the icons for the new badges to put on the wiki, I have them all from where I extracted them from the piggs for use on the Badger site. Just let me know and I can pass them along. I think they are also posted in the i27p3 patch notes thread too.
  21. Sorry for the late reply, haven't had much free time lately. It looks like the issue involves the ISalvage.dpl that the Salvage List template calls on in the Includepage parameter to pull data from the Salvage tables on each page. For instance, on Ruby Salvage, if you copy one of the SalvageList templates like SalvageListCommon onto the page: {{#dpl: mode=userformat |includepage={ISalvage}.dpl |category=Invention Common Enhancements |linksto={{PAGENAME}} |distinct=strict |namespace= |allowcachedresults=true |resultsheader=\n<h3>Common Enhancements</h3> |suppresserrors=true |secseparators=\n* [[%PAGE%]]&nbsp; |titlematch=%:% }} If you then remove the .dpl suffix on the includepage parameter, you get this on the page: Without .dpl ------------------------------------------ With .dpl You'll see that the Rubies line up exactly with the corresponding lines with additional text on the current page that are generated by ISalvage.dpl. This shows that this system, instead of only pulling the Ruby Salvage lines from the templates, is actually pulling ALL the salvage lines, which explains the increased number of lines. Now why it's doing this or where the exact issue lies, I'm not entirely sure. Will keep having a look at it when I'm free but I'm learning as I go with all this stuff!
  22. Actually I wonder, @Aberrant I wonder if this is possibly somehow related to the same thing as the last time this happened ? I tried setting up a page like you did for that issue here https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/User:Michiyo/TestPage but it doesn't seem to be quiet as helpful. Do you have any thoughts on if these 2 issues might be related?
  23. This seems to be a bug in DPL3 the replacement extension installed when the Wiki updated to 1.36.1 as the previous version didn't work on anything above 1.34. No fix that I can see (I did update to the very latest version to confirm) So this will have to wait until someone on their side resolves it.
  24. I noticed on some of the invention salvage pages that the lists of recipes in which the salvage is used is counting each recipe multiple times. I've attached an example for Ruby salvage. The recipes that say 'for levels X - Y' are valid entries, while the rest are duplicates. I checked 5 or so different salvage pieces and saw the same thing for each one. I tried looking for a cause but didn't find anything definitive. It might be a dynamic page list issue in one or more of the templates, but that's not something I feel qualified to tinker with.
  25. Note: This post was originally for i27p3. See below for updates regarding i27p4 I thought I'd start this as a way to let folks know what I was working on, and as a means for others to do the same, in order to avoid potential duplication of work. Nothing mentioned below will be added/updated on the wiki until it actually goes to the live servers, but there have been several things that I have been able to pre-emptively work on so that I can update during Beta as needed and just paste and go when i27p3 is released live. I've generated the text to update the Enhancement Sets page with the 5 new sets, and have generated the code for the set info page for each set as well as the enhancement info page for each individual enhancement for all enhancements in the 5 new sets. As the release date gets closer I will generate the code to update the Set Bonus Comparison Tables I will add the innertube emotes to the Emotes page and have already begun generating the animated GIFs for those emotes I will add new/updated power icons to the Macro image page I will add the new badge data to the Settitle listing page A bit lower priority will be to update the loading screen tips (as previously promised) Those are all pages I have worked on in the past and in some cases have written scripts to help update the info so I should be able to update them without much issue given that I am familiar with them. If I notice any similar opportunities for updating the wiki I'll add them. Updates (will add as I progress through the list above): DONE with main pages, still need to check a few related pages DONE Pending (still haven't made it to this, see update below) DONE DONE DONE Note also that I will not necessarily work in order, it just depends on how much time I have compared to the effort required for each task

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