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  2. There are some truly strange and messed up people in this world.
  3. The Homecoming Wiki is starting to get spammed. See here, here, and here.
  4. Thanks for the great replies! It is a learning process , I do a lot of copy/paste but I am getting familiar with it. I never thought to call the contact again....have to look into that. Not sure that will be an option for a tips mission. And 3 more pages added to my bookmarks 🙂
  5. Thanks for keeping me straight Aberrant, my lack of experience in editing missions is showing!
  6. In this case, since the Tip missions don't have a contact per se, I wouldn't use this template. In the past it has generally only been used for mid-mission dialogues and task npcs, rather than the mission's contact dialogue, otherwise the whole page just fills up with images of their face and links to their own page! @SuperPlyx The changes you've made so far have been top notch! 👍 Speaking of which, in your addition of Athletic Run to Inherent Powers, you asked about finding the right icon. You can currently find every power icon image in the game on the page Macro Image (Slash Com
  7. Also there is a template for mission briefing info which would probably make the process easier for you. https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Template:Mission_Briefing It includes documentation for what each of the parameters does. I checked out the page you are editing and it looks like you have utilized some templates there so I'll assume you are generally familiar with them. If not just let me know and I can walk you through them. It took me a while to discover templates but once I did it made certain tasks much easier.
  8. This is definitely the right place for these questions! The 'Unnecessary Solicitation' is the dialog from the contact if you speak to them anytime in between accepting the mission and completing the mission, to the best of my knowledge. I think the idea is that, once you accept the mission, the next time the contact expects to hear from you is after you have completed (or failed, in some cases) the mission, so if you call them in the interim they'll generally say one of two things: They'll repeat the 'Mission Acceptance' message verbatim (or close to verbatim) They'll say something
  9. So I am trying to add the missing information to some of the Tips missions. I added the missing villain info to This is how she dies except for the part where it says "Unnecessary Solicitation"...I am unsure what this refers to. Could someone clarify ? My first thought was it was the line "You can hear the echoes of voices from deep within the warehouse. You hear a woman arguing with someone else" which is the popup dialogue when you first enter mission. But following the template of the part that was already done for the Rogue side ,that line goes in the "Mission Object
  10. Well, created a page for it. It's a start anyways.
  11. I've enabled .ogg uploads on the wiki, though I'm surprised these didn't just come over from the import from Paragon Wiki.. I'll see if I can get the original files, so that they don't all have to be re-uploaded.
  12. The bottom right of the front page has a link to the available help, but also - assuming someone is basically coherent and well-intentioned, almost anything they might write in that page would be better than nothing.
  13. @thunderforce I have never done it, is there a tutorial ?
  14. Indeed. Why not register an account and create it? I'm not being snarky here. The Wiki is edited by a handful of people, a few of whom are very dedicated and the rest of whom (like me) look in now and then. There is more to do than that number of people can _possibly_ do. At least one Wiki admin (me) reviews all edits by new users; if you make a mess, it'll be cleaned up. A brief stub would be better than nothing.
  15. The page for info on the temp power from P2W, Signature Summons page is blank. https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Signature_Summon
  16. Would it be possible to allow .ogg files to be uploaded to the hcwiki? Mainly so the Music page can be brought up to date. Currently we can only upload .png, .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .webp.
  17. Hooray! Thanks very much for the swift response!
  18. "No False Pages found" I grabbed a snapshot of the DB, and ran a query to delete all pages between the 2 indexes you indicated above. Thank you for the investigative work!
  19. Okay, apologies for the travelogue writing style, but this post was originally written as an edit to the above post while I was figuring this out, but I just kept finding issues so it's a new post. Basically, this isn't just relegated to a handful of Tip missions as I originally thought. As a mini conclusion: Every page in the "Mission:" "Mission talk:" and "Property:" Namespaces on the wiki at time of original import has an invisible, un-editable duplicate page, with the same title but differing Page ID, found outside of their respective Namespace. They were created as a result of the im
  20. Thanks, added to the slash commands list!
  21. Just wanted to mention I noticed that the slash command /buildsave is not included on the list of slash commands page.
  22. Speaking as the angel of cynicism I quite like the idea that people who want to change them have to get set up to edit the Wiki, because we could really use more people who are. (The more I think about this the more I think, yeah, just keep them as a gateway edit...)
  23. Would it not be better to link to the Google Docs spreadsheets where these lists are maintained and updatable by the community as they are built?
  24. I like it. The list for Everlasting is LONG but being the RP server that doesn't surprise me. As long as new entries are put in the right categories I don't see any issues, but if folks don't abide by that then making it sortable might be worthwhile. That bridge is a ways down the road though. As far as which wiki it is on, I don't have strong feelings one way or the other. I would assume the HC wiki has more registers users that could potentially edit the lists, so it might be better to house it on the HC wiki and just link to it from the FBSA wiki. I have spent almost no time on the FBSA wik
  25. GM Kal has been creating https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Indomitable_Base_List (and the four obvious equivalents). I feel a bit ambivalent about whether it should be done here or on the FBSA Wiki. What do other people think?

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