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  2. {{now free}} versus newly added {{historical|reason=nopaid}} The Paragon Wiki import has a lot of "historical" for the booster packs that got folded into the Paragon Market, so that's why I started by editing that template. I like "now free" because it's concise and emphasises the fundamental point about Homecoming; but I like "nopaid" because it emphasises that the particular thing this page is about is still available. I think I'm overanalysing this and will just leave it be, modulo slapping one of them on any other pages that come to mind.
  3. I do like the "Used to be paid" content template, what other template is there?
  4. Of course after doing a few of these I found one that had the "now free" template, not "historical", and I'm analysis paralysing over which is more appropriate. So, er, that's out there too. I wonder who added that template oh wait it was me.
  5. I missed this thread when it was first posted, but I parsed my logs for the one character I have with a lot of vet levels (96 as of now) and it looks like the costume change and respec tokens are granted at a rate of one every 15 vet levels, starting at vet level 15. I checked the other rewards (threads and emp merits) and found a few minor errors in relation to their reward schedules on the wiki, so I overhauled the page with the new values that I got from my logs. I also got rid of most of the references to the old vet rewards program, since it's no longer relevant. Granted, I only have the one character with more than a handful of veteran levels, so I couldn't verify the data on another character. So if anyone finds any errors, feel free to correct them.
  6. I did the merge. If people feel that's too drastic, yell at me or undo it.
  7. Thank you. That was interesting to read, and I'm glad I didn't do the merge back in the day - another victory for Captain Procrastination. ETA: Hm, I can't decide now if I still want to merge them or not.
  8. I've added a "nopaid" reason to the "historical" template and made an example edit to https://homecoming.wiki/wiki/Animal_Pack to reflect how I think it should be used. I've done this because the old page did not clearly describe _what_ was obsolete about the information, and a new user without a knowledge of how Homecoming works might think the costume parts (etc) were no longer available. I've removed the sentence about the Paragon Market in Overview because I think documenting exactly how you could buy this stuff on Live is a job for the Paragon Wiki; it's more important to us to make it clear that anyone can have these parts. (It is still mentioned in History at the bottom). Before I go and make similar changes elsewhere I thought I'd check if anyone thinks this was a terrible idea.
  9. To answer “How are Trial Zones different from Hazard Zones?” It was originally fairly simple: 1. More Dangerous than Hazard Zones (Larger and more dangerous spawns). 2. Intended to contain a Trial. However, due to technical and Developmental difficulties and changes in philosophy, this became a confusing mess. I’ll go over it in chronological order, with the caveat that information about the Beta is based on my memories. If anyone has corrections, please share. Back in Beta, there were five Hazard Zones: The Sewer Network Eden The Hive Terra Volta Faultline However, something interesting happened during the Beta: The Sewer Network became a popular option to travel between the Low-level zones it connected to (The trams originally only brought you to the next stop in line, and you could only board them when the tram arrived, meaning if you knew the way, the sewer network could be much faster with fewer loading screens), However, since it was restricted to level 36, it was usable at the levels it would be most useful at. So the devs created a duplicate zone- the Abandoned Sewer Network- to hold the planned Trial, and lowered the level of the Sewer Network to level 1. As for the Trials themselves, two of them were tested: Faultline and Terra Volta. Terra Volta’s tests were successful, however the respecification system itself was not completed, so there was no reward, therefore it was decided to not include it in the initial release. As for the Faultline trial, apparently it was incredibly buggy and testing was discontinued during the beta, and the trial was shelved, planned to be released later like the other trials. For the curious, it was supposed to function similar to the Terra Volta Trial: Heroes were tasked with defending the southern part of the Reservoir (The area that was off-limits before the Faultline revamp) from waves of Clockwork, Vahzilok and Circle of Thorns. Plot-wise, it was the culmination of the Positron Task Force, the actual assault upon the Dam that was discussed in that Task Force. That said, there *was* one functional trial in Beta… technically, depending on what you consider a trial: Hamidon was present in the Hive since day one. Most people call it a Raid, but it was a big Climatic battle that is situated in a Trial Zone, so it might technically count. As for Eden and the Abandoned Sewer Network, No Trials were present in Beta, nor was there any testing on them that I am aware of. The first actual Trial came out in issue 1. The Abandoned Sewer Trial was released, bringing the number of functional trials to two. Issue 2 was eventful: The Eden Trial, Terra Volta Trial, and The Cavern of Transcendence trials were all released. Also, two new Trial Zones were added: The Rikti Crash Site and The Storm Palace. Both lacked Trials, but presumably it was planned for ones to be added in the future. This also led to one of the first inconsistencies (besides the Trial Zones lacking trials): The Hollows was a new Hazard Zone- But it contained a Trial. Issue 6 was City of Villains. It added Nerva Archipelago, which contained a Trial: The Tree of Thorns. It was the first City Zone containing a trial, once again introducing an inconsistency in the meaning of Trial zones. This is presumably because City of Villains did not initially have the "Hazard" or "Trial" zone distinctions initially, only having City and PvP zones. (Though a Trial and Hazard Zone was added later) The PvP Zone, Bloody Bay was added, which will be relevant later. Issue 8 resulted in something interesting: Faultline was revamped, changing it from a trial zone to a city zone, and presumably the plans for the Faultline Trial were shelved forever. I spoke with the people who have access to the code, and they say there’s no sign of the Faultline Trial in the code anymore. Likely it was removed at or around this point. There was also a Trial added in this issue: The Cathedral of Pain. This is the first instance of something interesting: Trials that are disconnected from their Trial Zones. Story-wise, this Trial takes place inside the Storm Palace, but it’s Accessed through the Supergroup bases. That said, there was a Game-Breaking bug found in the raid, and it was quickly removed. Issue 9 Added a new Trial Zone, the Abyss, which contained a Duplicate of the Hamidon Raid. Issue 10 contains the second Revamp: The Rikti Crash Site is replaced by the Rikti War Zone, and the Rikti Mothership Raid is added to it. Issue 12 is interesting. Cimerora is added, and is listed as a Trial Zone, but no trial is ever created for it. Presumably, it was planned to have a Trial, but those plans never came to fruition. Issue 18 sees the return of the Cathedral of Pain, with the game breaking bug gone- but due to the associated superbase raid system being scrapped, the Items of Power are no longer rewarded. Issue 21 adds “Death from Below”, a Trial set in The Sewer Network, but accessed through the new Looking For Group system. Finally, Issue 22 adds “Drowning in Blood”, a Trial set in Bloody Bay, also accessed through the LFG system. In summary: Trial Zones that contain trials directly: Eden Terra Volta The Abandoned Sewer Network Trials Zones that contain Trials indirectly: The Sewer Network The Storm Palace Trial Zones that were revamped before ever containing trials: Faultline Rikti Crash Site Trial Zones that contain Raids: The Hive The Abyss Rikti War Zone Hazard Zones that contain Trials: The Hollows City Zones that contain Trials: Nerva Archipelago PvP Zones that contain Trials Indirectly: Bloody Bay Trial Zones that do not contain Trials: Cimerora
  10. I looked into this when you posted it... I have no idea what the actual issue is, I copied the code into a new template (Template:Bug2) and it works fine... This will just have to do for now, I can't find any other reason.
  11. I was looking for information on the Bugs header for an article, and saw that there was a Bugs category. I went to it, and ironically:
  12. https://homecoming.wiki/wiki/Veteran_Levels#Costume_Change_Tokens_&_Respecs asserts that vet levels grant respecs not every 10 levels but on the schedule from the old Veteran Rewards program on live. I don't know this isn't true - I don't count my respecs and it seems like the kind of silly bug that might sneak in - but can anyone confirm that it's so? (And also, if it's instead of, not in addition to, one respec every ten levels).
  13. Anyone know who can fix this, pronto? As I feared, Google's penalizing the site. I get zero homecoming.wiki links half the time I search a topic + "homecoming wiki".
  14. Not sure when this happened, but the Vector skin, which is mobile friendly by default, has been mobile unfriendly lately. On mobile, I'm seeing size distortions, such as tiny fonts and icons mixed with normal size fonts and icons, and forced desktop layouts, such as a column of site links taking up much of the left side of the screen. These problems are consistent with a missing meta viewport. I also don't see a meta viewport in the HTML head. See Manual:How to make a MediaWiki skin#Responsive skins / adding a meta viewport for a possible solution. First screenshot is wiki's current appearance on my phone. Second screenshot is hacked to have a meta viewport.
  15. This should be fixed, I upgraded the wiki and the config options for password security seems to have been changed.
  16. For the past day or so, I've been unable to logon. I get this lovely error:
  17. Yeah I have some crude GM spawn /locs from Kallisti from past events, but I plan to get much better data from demo recordings during this event. I am actually not sure about any of the Echo zones, but the spawn data was in the leaked dataset so I assume they have spawns. Between the 5 live shards and all the various testing shards, I'm hoping it won't take too long to gather that data.
  18. Halloween GMs definitely do spawn in Kallisti Wharf, FWIW. No idea about Echo: Atlas Park.
  19. I did a thorough overhaul of all the Halloween GM maps on the wiki: https://homecoming.wiki/wiki/Halloween_Event/Giant_Monsters I pulled the spawn data from the i24 leaked data spawndef files, and included maps for every zone that had the appropriate Halloween event spawndefs. It ended up being 40 total maps, about 10 of which weren't previously on the wiki. Given that the data was from the i24 dataset, some of it might have been updated for Homecoming, so if anyone notices any issues please let me know. I also need to gather spawn data in Kallisti Wharf and Echo: Atlas Park once the event starts, because those maps should also have GM spawns but there wasn't any data in the i24 dataset for them.
  20. Hello not sure what this is all about I am new here today But I'm sure I will get to understand it all shortly.
  21. Perhaps someone else got this already, but Lost Motivation is from the 25-29 Magic contact; Traditionalist Foil from Steven Sheridan.
  22. Updating this for i27p4. I never got around to updating the emotes page above, but now that there are some new emotes (and some changes to emotes) in i27p4, I'll put the emotes page cleanup back on my to-do list. In the immediate future, I plan to update the new/updated power icons on the Macro image page, either tonight to first thing tomorrow this update is now complete. I updated the settitle listing page a little while ago. I have another couple of smaller wiki update projects (not necessarily related to i27p4) that I'm almost ready to begin working on. One will update the Halloween giant monster spawn maps, and another will (hopefully) improve/standardize how vidiotmaps are linked in the zone info box on the page for each zone. I crudely cobbled together something that worked when I updated that in the early wiki days, but now that I know slightly more I think I can make it better.
  23. For a couple of reasons, I needed and ended up generating a dataset of all badge names (by category) in their in-game sequential order. I started with data from Badger and verified it against the in-game display, editing as necessary. I know some of the in-game sequential badge lists on the wiki have been updated (mostly by KaiMoon I think), but there may be others that need updating. I wish I had time to do it myself, but I've got other stuff (including a couple of planned wiki projects) I am working on for the forseeable future. So if anyone would like the dataset, please let me know and I can share. Otherwise, I'll add the update project to my long-term list.
  24. Happy to help! It turned out "secseparators" was in a format only used by old versions of DPL. Updating that line fixed the duplicates. https://homecoming.wiki/wiki/Special:Diff/298400/300536
  25. I meant to follow up on this sooner, but this issue seems to be resolved. I have been watching with interest all the work that Kai Moon has been putting in on the wiki, and I think that one of the changes they made might have fixed this, but given that a lot of that work is above my level of wiki comprehension, I am not totally sure. At any rate, it appears to be back to normal, and is arguably better than before.
  26. Sounds good! I saw some of the discussion on Discord and was considering editing it myself but wanted to do a little testing to verify it for myself before I felt comfortable editing.

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