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  1. You won't be able to get character data, but the customization data (costumes, etc) can be migrated (normally automatically by the HC Launcher actually) manually using a link in my Sig. Note that your character LIST (names) is something you Can use for recreating them. You'll find the list in the file called "PlayerSlot.txt" if you're not familiar.
  2. Threads with uber amounts of replies? I've Never been involved with those. O:)
  3. Very good points, but give or take some related bumps, Manga has been doing an awesome job keeping things running. Give or take a MacOS update breaking things here and there. Checkout my links for some help and see some of the threads I've commented in this past month for the other troubleshooting as needed. As always, HC has a discord as well for more realtime stuff.
  4. Gah, posts like these make me wanna rush to check my friends who've not responded to messages in a while as I know someone this could be, but IDK his SN. He did beta even back then, but hasn't been on for HC, etc. 😞
  5. Don't some badges have progress bars? No real numbers, but I recall some having bars on live. I've not gone badging in a long time, so not sure what things look like right now.
  6. Best guess is a graphical issue. Until a GM sniffs this out (file a ticket if not already), then I'd suggest checking your graphics drivers and look closer at what else is running in the background.
  7. While this can be an option (and one of the few apps I'd trust the dev on to do this with), the overall recommendation for installing the game is to avoid things that the new OSes like to protect by installing it to say C:\Games\CoH. This seems to work best for most people and leave the remainder of the issues down to AV troubleshooting, etc.
  8. Well, more so to @Manga and those that have helped root out the pathing for it, but it's good to see it's helping. ^.^
  9. He did and that was around the time that "Windows as a Service" started to get passed around. The idea was that instead of versions or even Service Packs (the bane of past editions), Win10 would simply continually be updated in smaller chunks as to have a limited impact on devices as it was progressively upgraded. And then whispers of Windows 11/12 started running around which caused lots of confusion because "but Bill said?!?!". So yeah, he said that But...
  10. We'd need a bit more info as there could be a few things going on. What kind of Mac are you on? Do you have any security apps installed/running? Do you have a screen shot of any errors/messages? (Don't forget to edit out personal info)
  11. How has @Bill Z Bubba not commented on this yet?
  12. Before even reading the above, I was going to say "keep asking questions, but try not to ask the same thing repeatedly if you're looking to avoid irritating people", but the comment about searching (ok, sometimes "I" forget too) is highly applicable as well. As for the "I'm leaving because people are complaining", that's on you and while I've not a clue as to any of the related discussions, this 'feels' a bit less cool headed than I try to encourage people to be. People can be jerks, people can be mean (report that crap), and sometimes you just gotta let them talk out the hole they've chosen.
  13. Very easy / common thing and just as easy to fix as you found.
  14. Heh, I'm running it on Ivy Bridge both on hardware and in VM with a GTX 970 FTW on the hardware version. :p As for the TPM, I doubt most people who Do have it on custom builds ever remembered/considered turning it on.
  15. I'd check with PK to see if the binds you've found need modified for the new launcher as it has a different structure to that of Live and Tequila.
  16. It doesn't support mine by a long shot, but yet I'm running it. 😛
  17. Update, tried with my i7 3770k based Win11 hacked install and works as expected. This install involved a forced upgrade on top of Win10, so all of my apps (including security) remained intact. I even tested my GoG, Steam, etc and they're all working fine. The CPU does get a bit loaded down compared to Win7/10 for some reason on this which is completely different from what I see in VM, which is completely smooth overall.
  18. Well crap. That's probably a $5 part and an hour to install. :/
  19. What's broke? Anything we can work to fix faster?
  20. I came back to say that the M1 'fix' is extremely temporary as it hangs yet again in today's test and I've done the above 3(?) times now.
  21. I never had issues installing/running the game in the early Beta. Granted, I didn't Play the game for real, just got to atlas and moved around. I'll have to try again to see how it runs, but for now I can only run in VM. Update: I just loaded up the VM with Win11's latest beta. I installed the game directly from the site. I loaded it up just as I do on any other platform and played around in atlas. Give or take graphics being gimped in a VM, everything else works. Again, experience in VM may not be same as on hardware and it'll be much later before I can test on my i7.
  22. Stuck again. This time after the first force quit, it presents a wine message about updating the private folder. I force quit everything again and am going to try that fix again. Weird, redid the fix and it works again. My characters are out of order, but I may not have the sorted file on this machine, so I'm not actually calling that a side effect.
  23. Yeah, it was bumpy at first, but at this point, I think we're good on the M1 overall. As for Other apps, give or take Rosetta2's temperament, much of what I've used so far works ok.
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