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  1. Just after they throw out the spaghetti I'm sure. 😂
  2. Just an observation, but it looks like the examples above are for the OLD launcher, not the new one. Mine went through just fine (see permissions thing) and I have the new one (not what they're showing above). Edit: Mind you Island Rum had already been installed so I basically just downloaded the new launcher and ran it without any issues. That might change things I think. Bug or Known Behavior: I can't use the MacOS copy/paste within the Launcher settings window Suggestion: Can we get a HC icon file or change the Launcher's Icon to match the new Launcher? Note: I had to tell Webroot the installer (installf_x86.exe) wasn't a threat Recap: Island Rum was already installed, but I cloned my applications/coh folder to applications/CoX_Old and deleted the contents of coh Downloaded and ran the new launcher from the downloads folder The installer followed through and put files into the applications/coh folder after having to manually go into the System Preferences and allow the installer (one click) The told all the games to install (one errored at first), logged in to my account (in launcher), adjusted my settings Game launches to login without a hitch (need to do a write-up on what files to put where form old install) Character loaded to Steel Canyon without issue
  3. Well that's good for optimizing the paths and performance, that's for sure.
  4. Just downloaded #2 and I'm having to manually goto the System Preferences to do this. Maybe have a way to show a window describing this with a "click here to open SP" followed by what to click? Warning: The new launcher does NOT seem to give the option to change the installation location (but the old one does), so your best bet is to clone the old install, rename it, and use Island Rum to point to that folder so that the New launcher can go to applications/coh. This is assuming that you're trying to keep clean installs safe from each other, otherwise (need to test) I honestly don't think it matters too much. Mojave 10.14.2 MBP 2012
  5. Only the ones who don't know about the ID Badge I'm sure
  6. That's what I'd gathered. Yeah, it's the same thing when you get a new car, suddenly you're seeing them everywhere. :p
  7. Not to toot, but how does your installation experience align with the prompts I mention in my thrown together guide?
  8. That was a mouthful... System: Win7, no special visual system mods or scaling. 1080p resolution. I've lost track of where I mentioned it, so here's a new thread where I "think" Six wanted it. Anyway, from the start, there's been an issue where the smaller UI elements don't always seem to be clickable consistently. Noteably the three dots as they'll work maybe 50-60% of the time. After the latest patch (pretty sure I saw something), the image tearing seems to have settled that I thought was the culprit. I just tested it by clicking the dots starting from the top game down. Each one successfully clicked, but then I went upwards or randomly clicking them and the launcher's UI started acting up. It tried clicking an empty space in the launcher to "reset" my click point and that mostly works. Additionally, when testing I found it WAY too easy to accidentally launch the game even when my pointer was dead-on the dots themselves. Suggestion: Increase the size of the clickable button or move the feature to the main launcher settings window. I know the latter isn't ideal, but it might help. You could also lengthen the game buttons and put their own gear at the end that could be large enough and completely layer separated. EDIT: I just noticed that the game gave a "Login Error" message for the user while I was testing just now. After interacting with That button, I found that the experience was similar to the above in which there was a brief time that I couldn't even click on the button again. Definitely happened after clicking sign-out as it stayed on "signed-out" for a few seconds. It eventually corrected and not likely a common issue, but feels related to the above.
  9. That would be my observation and understanding as well.
  10. What is the path you're installing to? IE: Recommended path is anything like C:\Games\COH\Tequila where the last folder houses the game files. You shouldn't have to run Tequila as Admin, but it's a good test. Common things that'll block the download are network issue, your AV/Firewall, installed in a protected folder. Additionally, if this is not related to the topic (Safe Mode), then you'll want to search the known troubleshooting threads or create your own.
  11. Keep in mind that Mids is in No Way tied to the game itself and is (actively?) managed by enthusiasts who rely on observation and the player base to report inaccuracies as they happen (or change in an update). The best thing to do is use the existing Mids troubleshooting/error reporting threads to see what's known or report your issue. Additionally, you can actually adjust the numbers yourself I believe.
  12. This, while I'm not much to tinker with numbers in Mids, I do know that there are MANY power toggles that are used to measure effectiveness of powers that WILL alter the numbers you see. I think they have dots next to the power to toggle them on/off and I'm sure there's some settings that you can tweak.
  13. How are you getting your data? My best guess is that the app with the current priority (the app in the foreground) will determine the registered framerate based on its needs, but that's just speculation.
  14. Keep it quiet, keep it personal, and you'll not likely have an issue.
  15. 1-3 are pretty hard baked into the code from what I understand, but I'm sure that a new character creator is on their list somewhere. 4-6 Look for the thread(s) that are actively seeking help and ideas for new content like this.
  16. Good catch and how bored were you? :p (Granted, some people enjoy reading things)
  17. Just pointing out that this discussion repeats at least once a quarter (of the year). It'd be best if we try to keep down the repeat threads by searching the forum first.
  18. Where did you install it to? Have you made sure that your AV/Firewall isn't complaining?
  19. Another thread pointed out that the CC has the "old" number of ATs listed in the beginning screens.
  20. Did it do it again after you quit it? Try using that graphics troubleshooting option in the Launcher settings to reset the GFX.
  21. @CFIndustries, huh, seems they sell lots of replacement part options at that too.
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