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  1. Ugh, gonna cost more than the desk for a proper one it seems.
  2. I'm running the GTX 970 FTW (reminder) and from the looks of it, I may be using 3+ screens. That said, I'm wondering what the effect of using the 3770k`s APU via the motherboard as well would have on overall performance. Perhaps use it for the extra port needed for something like that. Seems like we're scrolling back to here though I didn't mean to. 🤣
  3. Heh, yeah I saw the Jay vid when I first thought about the concept. Unfortunately, to do what I'd want, the panel would end up being basically a little picture frame on the desk (because the CPU's on the ground). Looking at what I'm Used to seeing vs what these seem to be capable of (and the fact that you're burning a display connection), I may be better off just hoping these never break. I don't OC, so honestly it's more of a nice thing at a glance, but it does help me see if something's bogging me down without opening the task manager. The Gadgets use two, light weight background apps that a
  4. That answered the question I had. Why the 3. Granted, WTF NOT, but heh. Aside from all of the above, since my performance stats Widgets (CPU, GPU, Network, etc) will eventually (possibly) break in the future (as they were retired for security for Win10); Do you know of something, maybe a breakout box, that would give me all the stats I would want to know at a glance? IE: The CPU/CPU ones show per core temps, usage, RAM/Swap utilization, etc and the Network shows me current utilization, etc. I'll probably have to deal with the Power Options (Restart/Sleep/Shutdown) widget when it fi
  5. From a coding standpoint, I don't see #1 working at all as the slash commands (I believe) only work for the active character. #2 is the most plausible route from the team's standpoint, but IDK how the character database and the server interact. It 'should' be as 'simple' as adding the function, but who knows how spaghettified that part of the game is.
  6. You know, it's funny how we just luck out quite often when it comes to what we need and want, part wise.
  7. Dental and Danglies should not be mixing... That said, I'm still due an extraction (Ins starts next month) and Hopefully some implants. The dental kind ...before it comes up. :p
  8. Hehehe, this isn't even my main VM machine and I've done it once or twice in the last couple years. I forget what it was I was doing, but it wasn't VM either. f remember capping it out a long time ago when I was testing how many accounts I could have open at once (CoX, Live Servers). The answer was roughly 2Gb per account. 😄
  9. Yeah, this case of mine has a nice toggle on the top/front that allows me to cycle colors and OFF as well.
  10. Now to actually find it though or something like it. 😛
  11. Ok, but should I just get the x4 mount now or the x6 to allow room to grow? Trying to reduce my overall costs.
  12. I'll take another look, but between general furniture and tech, I've looked at thousands of items this past week alone.
  13. In the same line of thought as above, what about this scenario. What if I wanted to use as many HD displays as my system can push? Say, up to 6. Could we do it? I've confirmed that the GTX 970 is rated to push up to 4 HD displays (2x DVI, HDMI, DP) and the Intel 3770k's appears to handle 3 HD displays, but IDK if it is even Possible to use both the onboard iGPU/APU at the same time as the discrete GTX 970. The motherboard has a very similar port listing (VGA, DVI, HDMI, DP), but I can't find where it says there is/isn't a limitation on which ports can be used at the same time.
  14. For those who bother reading... These were mostly budget decisions along with limitations for the dimensions in the room once I actually plotted that out.. These will likely have to be purchased gradually between now and summer. I still have flexibility with the side tables and there's bound to be more going into the area. The Room as I see it becoming: The "final decision" list of furniture and tech needed for purchase: The "final few contestants" for the room furniture and tech wise: Final few for future upgrades:
  15. Word of caution, sign into one and then click the play button to trigger the 2nd instance. I recall there being a minor glitch when the launcher first came out where if you simply clicked twice it would act screwy.
  16. I take it your map is Really tiny or your font is larger? I recall that happening in those two scenarios. I believe the dot on the lower right will dock the map to something or open a popup. IDK, been a while since I've toyed with the UI.
  17. Simpler version of any costume request. Not the simplest to implement. "Make all costume variants available on all body types!"
  18. That would be better answered by whomever is currently handling Mids...or You might ping someone like Manga that understands all of the above. I do believe someone wrote a thread about the process though. I vaguely recall a video being posted.
  19. That's the Evergreen surcharge. Didn't you know?
  20. @Hyperstrike, What did I tell you about those cables young man?!? *ducks*
  21. That's great, unfortunately, the M1 Users won't have that option, so we're lurking just in case. 😕
  22. Yeah, until they get to the point where they have Actual resources and can rebuild (or magically despaghettify the codebase) from scratch, then we'll have to use cheats like emailing back and forth. I mean, it's not like we're lacking space for "GlobalNAME_INF MULE 1", 2, 3, etc. As much as I'd Love to look at the raw code (with my Very limited-ancient C knowledge), I'd probably get as much of a headache as everyone else.
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