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Warshade Switching Tray Macros


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   I am not sure if this is out there anywhere, at least I couldn't find anything, but I wanted to share some helpful macros I had pieced together for switching Forms and Trays. I personally have all 3 placed in every 3rd tray (Tray 3, 6, and 9). Each Macro will change your form and switch all three trays to new ones.



This one will untoggle the forms, switch you to 'human' form and change the trays to 1,2, and 3.


/macro_image "archetypeicon_warshade" "Human" "powexec_toggleoff dark nova$$powexec_toggleoff black dwarf$$gototray 1$$goto_tray_alt 2$$goto_tray_alt2 3"




This one will toggle Nova form and change the trays to 4,5, and 6.


/macro_image "UmbralBlast_DarkNova" "Nova" "powexec_toggleon dark nova$$gototray 4$$goto_tray_alt 5$$goto_tray_alt2 6"




This one will trigger the Dwarf form and change the trays to 7,8, and 9.


/macro_image "UmbralAura_BlackDwarf" "Dwarf" "powexec_toggleon black dwarf$$gototray 7$$goto_tray_alt 8$$goto_tray_alt2 9"



I did this because i didn't like the form tray and I also didn't want to bunch everything up on one tray. I hope someone else finds this useful.


- Cheers

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I've some listed in my PB forum (ignore the typos 😛 - but the binds/macros where gone over by myself and another person so I believe they are all correctly typed) you can switch out skill names and icons. In the first post scroll to (and press the drop down menu "reveal hidden contents". Within the drop down menu you will also find the URL for macro images if you want to go that route vs binds.





If you have questions on making a specific bind- ask away.


  image.png.04ed478057818a73ab719505f04b29ea.png                    image.png.42c80ce1c325baca8986b52f21ef6e81.png

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