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Energy melee:invul


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I am running a concept toon and Energy Melee fits it well. I actually like it which helps


i am using the base invul build with blank attacks from Hyperstrike. Then added some Brute ATOs and 2 winter sets. I got Energy Res to 55%. To me the build looks sloppy still


i use P2W jetpack for travel   
i took energy mastery both END powers, AoE cone and ACC (that got a Reticle in it)


it’s not a horrid build. Probably just new builders jitters lol.


On to the main topic; Energy Melee.  I did not take the first power, or Taunt but grabbed the rest. Pretty standard Brute stuff. 

The set looks damn straightforward to the point of boring after playing SS, KM and DM. Just hit things or place the AoE and choose when do i hit build up. Which is kind if a nice break after SS and forced time outs, KM and its really odd attack chains, diff for range, melee, groups, and bosses.  And of course DM which is always about planning

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