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I play on Everlasting.  Of course all the servers have a great community. It is Homecoming after all


in another of my endless alt experiments i have been working on various war mace toons. Could not quite match weapon and costume. 

last night i spent nearly an hour in creator switching things around, seeing if things looked better on large body or regular.  Fussing over clipping. Really getting it 98% percent perfect  and letting the 2% go as unobtainable. Which is a struggle with my OCD


i log into Atlas park. 

“Great Costume”. Private tell from random player


winning a costume contest is great.  But the feeling that gave me was definitely worth the hour I spent 


Did some PI farm and then a Yin. Now in mid twenties. War Mace/Invul magic Brute. Going to be a keeper

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