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Water/Fire Sentinel Build Help


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So I tried my hand at making my first build. I made it for doing different types of content, TFs, radio missions, ect. I was hoping to get some experienced input on the build. I dont know how to improve it or if I chose too many expensive sets and could use cheaper ones. Anyways, help please!



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50+ water/SR here. I don't copy and paste builds for safety reasons, but I'll give you water feedback.


Geyser: you primary kablooey, shoot for 24-27 second recharge. This should be up every spawn so you can whirlpool-tidal-geyser


Whirlpool: there's debate, I suggest it's not skippable, it's a big part of your damage. I have annihilation set, but I may switch to winter set with chance for immob. Slot for damage and io set bonuses


Tidal: you want this up before geyser as they go together. Drop whirlpool, hit tidal, drop geyser.


Steam spray: huge dps, probably one of the best comes available. Slot for damage, set io bonuses and position well. I play in melee so I tend to jump up and fire this from above, hitting everything.


Water burst: also debated and sometimes skipped, I recommend take it. Slot for damage and set bonuses, it has knockup, so it keeps foes from running and improves survivability.


Dehydrate: slot for damage, as slotting for heal is lackluster. Using it combined with defensive opportunity is good enough on SR, but different sets may vary. I still suggest slot for damage and set bonuses, as the heal is not very enhanceable.


I skipped the T1, as the damage boost is miniscule and I prefer the opportunity from defense, it's actually a pretty substantial boost to overall healing.


Alpha choice is, as always, to solve build issues or enhance low areas. In this case, as SR is so survivable, I went damage.


Hybrid I went damage again, specifically the 65%chance to increase, up to 5 stacks, as this is better for a sentinel than chance to double.


I chose reactive for the fire DoT, cuz... AoE.


You have to experiment with set combinations, because each secondary will need a different set up to get to its full survival potential.

I solo +4/8 and on teams am almost always the alpha strike absorber. Water is the bee's knees.

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So probably not perfect here, but this is hopefully to give you some guidance on where to go if you're thinking of spending that much influence into a build.  Not there is anything wrong with that.  It's your character, and if you really love it go for it.  

Things to think about running Fiery Aura: 


1) Endurance management.  Your initial attempt has very poor endurance management.  The build below brings Consume back, it can be nice, but aims to ease the pain a little bit.  It will still feel a bit tight on endurance use until you can get into Incarnates.  For your Alpha slot, I highly recommend Cardiac and work your way to Cardiac Core (the T4).  That will shift the 65% resistance to Smashing/Lethal up to 70%.  Get your Accolades (Freedom Phalanx Reserve, Portal Jockey, Task Force Commander, The Atlas Medallion).  Once you get the Cardiac online, and your Accolades the endurance issue will pretty much disappear.  I highly recommend taking Hydro Blast over Aqua Bolt for Defensive Opportunity.  That endurance restore will also help with your long term sustain.   


2) Accuracy.  You want one of two goals.  Either you want to make sure you have 95% accuracy on enemies +3 levels over you OR you want 95% against +4.  Your T3 Alpha slot in the Incarnates will pretty much turn any level 54s into 53s for the purpose of your accuracy.  When you exemplar below 45 that goes away.  So I tend to like to shoot for 95%.  You don't have too, and this is purely personal preference.  It is also meant to be entirely educational.  Hover is taken early and a Kismet +6% to hit is placed there so you can have an easier time exemplaring if you so choose.  [By default I set the accuracy in "Options" - "Configuration" - "Exemping..." tab to 39% vs 75% to represent hit chance on +4 enemies]


3) For Water Blast, I personally like Opportunity Strikes in Whirlpool because it has unique behavior there.  The power has a 17 second cooldown during Hasten and Opportunity has a 15 second duration.  This power slotted in this manner has a good chance of giving you an opportunity meter burst early and it lines up to having a 2 second downtime.  With lucky procs in a big spawn you can really push your Opportunity uptime.  This still functions well as a strategy against single targets.  


4) Like the other poster says, Geyser should hopefully be used early and often.  The cooldown in this build is about 25 seconds and Tidal Forces is 27 seconds.  Tidal Forces -> Geyser -> go to town.  


5) For tough single targets you can run Water Jet -> Dehydrate -> Hydro Blast -> repeat.  The first time you run this combo your very next Water Jet will auto trigger its special perk (shorter cast time + immediate cooldown drop).  That has a 15 second cooldown.  Your next pass of attack should allow you to lead right into Defensive Opportunity without having to worry about when to press the button.  It's just built into the attack chain.  


6) Water Burst, Whirlpool, Fire Cages (to hold rascals in your Whirlpool + Burn), and Burn should be enough AoE.  


| Copy & Paste this data into Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer to view the build |
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