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Kicked out of Game and cannot get back into tequila or homecoming

G E Man

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There was a server reset or something early on march 3. When i came back to homecoming, i was kicked out of game each time i tried to run one of my AE fire farms. when i selected my stories in AE the game kicked me out of the game. a window popped up with several selections to send a crash report. I selected crash report 3 times and then went back into the game. all was fine unless i tried to enter one of my AE  stories. The 5th time i tried to make a new AE story, but all of my custom made toons were listed in orange. I clicked on a group anyways and was kicked out of the game. When the crash report window popped up this time, i selected the first option and filled out the report. however, when i tried to get back into the game i could not get into homecoming and i cannot get back into tequila.


How do i get back into the game?

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May or may not be related: I was playing earlier today, came back after the server reset for a bit before dinner, but now tequila will not connect to "the remote server", which makes it so I cannot launch the game. I see that there are plenty of people playing currently on the server status page, so not sure what the problem is.


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The Tequila issue is known (from the Discord, not sure if there's a forum post):


Just letting you know, we are aware of the Manifest issue currently causing problems getting things running. Our server team has been made aware, and will be getting things back in business as soon as possible. In the meanwhile, feel free to poke about on the forums, or chat here in Discord!


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Had this issue this morning, but just got home from work and it's all working fine for me now. Thanks for the quick turnaround! My characters could use the Day Job badge time, anyway!

@Hissatsuman, you can mainly find me on Everlasting!

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