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  1. The devs really should have continued with how the leveling system worked up to then, and restricted "traditional" level 50 content to Alpha, with each level of incarnate content allowing the tier that came out with it (and earlier) + the next one, rather than screwing up the balance of the old lvl 50 content. This would make it more practical to keep content balanced, allow you to feel more powerful in the content as you've gone up. Restricting 2 of the level shifts wasn't enough. Probably far too late to even consider such a change now.
  2. You can already build a character with 2 primary, 1 secondary, 20 pool powers, and 1 epic. I'm sure it'll be totally unfrustrating to play that when the powers are from 4 pools, but unplayable if spread over 5+ pools. /s Personally I don't really care much one way or the other about this suggestion, I'm just curious by the curt negative responses this immediately generated (and generated the previous time I've seen it suggested). The reasoning I've seen has seemed rather... weak, considering the reaction. Standard Code Rant violations and appeals to tradition, primarily.
  3. Most likely you are entering the wrong credentials. If you'd be willing to calm down and provide more info, someone might be able to help you solve your problem. But if you just want to give up without trying, that's your call.
  4. The code is available, fyi. I wasn't speaking hypotheticals. I'm not claiming it's easy (because I've not tried to make the change), but the assertions of why it'd be hard sound pretty bogus and, themselves, would fall into the Standard Code Rant territory.
  5. So the argument is it won't benefit min/maxed end-game builds (where the game is already too easy), so it shouldn't be done? Not everyone is as dead-set on a specific combo of pools as you suggest. The beauty of this game has been the acceptance of concept over microoptimization, allowing a much wider range of possible viable builds than is common in other games.
  6. Remember the history of City of Heroes: Archetypes weren't originally a thing. The game was originally going to be freeform, but found lots of people would end up in highly gimped builds. So, they changed to the Archetype system. Just because you can't prevent all poor choices doesn't mean you can't limit them (if only via removing the choice). The DB certainly doesn't care, from the PoV of the DB you've just got a list of powers associated with your character with various attributes (including the powerset name and power category). A character could have an arbitrary combination of powers, including every single Blaster primary power (SexyJay back on live, as an example). "Pool Powers" isn't some fundamental aspect of the game. In fact, from the PoV of the DB, your list of powers can look quite different than what you might assume. For a tame example, Dual Pistols doesn't have 9 powers, but 12! Another one: all your temp powers are just more powers. Additionally, there could actually be an archvillain with a power that grants anyone hit with it, say, Aid Self permanently from the medicine pool via one of its own powers (powers that grant powers are actually pretty common, it's just they typically grant ones that aren't persistent and expire after a short bit, and hidden from your Powers window). You don't know that, you're just making assumptions based upon... something else being said to be hard. It might be hard, but it might also be a single line of code change (because, quite frankly, nothing in the server/engine probably cares about the 4 power pool limit except the selection screen). I think there should be less jrangering based upon purely speculated difficulties of a suggestion.
  7. I'm curious for arguments on both side of this, why it should/shouldn't change (beyond "dev time" and "because that's the way its been"). I've always been under the impression that the reason that the limit was put into place was to help prevent newbs from unintentionally gimping themselves by ignoring their primary & secondary. From spending a bunch of time going through the game's power info, I kind of doubt that the engine actually cares about that sort of thing. Powers are a lot more flexible than most people realize.
  8. Pinned at the top is Mids' Reborn, which is the latest incarnation:
  9. User Experience Clear Mind isn't a huge portion of Emp (or support sets), it's one power out of 9. The issue with Clear Mind, that a power like Fortitude doesn't have, is that there's bad feedback on when to recast, to be able to maintain it. It's fairly easy to maintain Fortitude on 4 (+- based upon recharge) people, since you just recast whenever it's recharged, and you can glance at the icon to know how long until you can recast it (previously but guestimating based upon the size, now with an actual countdown). On the other hand, a power like Mystic Fortune has a very long duration (20 minutes) which means even with a few minute gap, you're still maintaining very high up times. Clear Mind suffers due to having a short recharge, but moderate duration, without good way to keep track of your buffs on others. I think something like HeroStats buff tracker should be integrated into CoH proper, like has already been done for recharge timers. That would go a long way to resolving the UX issue.
  10. Null the Gull support would be good. I have heard, though, that if you have Mystic Flight and disable it via Null the Gull and respec/change builds, that it will carry over to Mighty Leap (and presumably Speed of Sound). Not actually tested it so don't know if that's accurate info.
  11. Why do you assume that was the person that silenced you? Did their name begin with "GM"?
  12. Is this your first time ever trying to log in to the game? You're using the username/password you put in on the Account Center -> Game Account page? Try resetting your game account password, in case you typed it / had capslock on / etc
  13. For saving your current build there's /buildsave and (IIRC) /buildsavefile, which create a file in a format that Mids can typically read most of (I'm not sure if updates have made it work better, it wasn't 100% at least a few months ago and Mids lose a large chunk of the build when loading). There's also a character "builder" being developed by the HC team, which would be able to directly pull your characters builds from the game. The initial version is planned to be read only though (IIRC there was no mention about modifying your actual character, just maybe being able to make/edit builds in the web ui a la Mids).
  14. No way in game. The closest you can do is see their current stats using the analyzer (it'll temporarily replace your numbers in Combat Attributes). Out of game, there's the articles on Paragon Wiki, which is probably the easiest source of info currently. My Index Obscurum tools include access to the full details for every power/powerset in the game, including NPC powers, but that's not really in a consumer-friendly format yet (the website might one day have that info, but there's still a lot of work to do to just nicely display just player powers)
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