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  1. In addition to the above mentioned attuning, there's also value in frankenslotting (can be helpful when you're very slot starved earlier on) as well as any of the procs (e.g. the Stalker ATO procs are incredibly powerful).
  2. They work as a multiplier of the base speed. Two +50% runspeeds are exactly the same as one +100% runspeed, not as +225%. It's base * (buff1 + buff2 +... + buffX), not base * buff1 * buff2 ... * buffX. For a level 29 controller: With only swift With only swift+sprint (sprint shows up because it has two +runspeed enhancements, one of which is unenhanceable) With only swift+ninja run With all three Using the info from detailed info for each power (plus base from combat attributes): Sprint is +50% +50%, Ninja Run (at this character's level) is +122.96%, Swift is +30.74% Base is 14.32 Swift is 14.32 * 0.3074 = 4.40 Sprint (individual) is 14.32 * 0.5 = 7.16 Sprint (combined) is 14.32 * 1.0 = 14.32 Ninja Run is 14.32 * 1.2296 = 17.61 Base + Sprint (combined) + Ninja Run + Swift = 50.65 (0.01 off due to rounding) Add the +resist together, to get the resistance value. Doesn't matter the source or the order, just that total.
  3. It's working fine for me. Can you load the page in a web browser? Do you have any AV/firewalls installed? Had it been working previously or are you trying to install it?
  4. Sprint and Ninja Run don't operate differently mechanically wrt run speed / jump height, just different values (sprint is partially enhanceable, NR scales with your level). Ninja Run additionally boosts jump speed (which sprint doesn't do).
  5. Message Store annoyed me, since in the first section every other string was zero length. Is that intentional? Or just a bug with how the file was created (like how junk data from memory was dumped as padding in a few spots)? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. Could just leave sprint on (it enhances jump height and run speed), then use the command "powexectoggleon Ninja Run$$powexectoggleon Combat Jumping" in a bind/macro. Tap it to alternate between NR and CJ.
  7. Pigg+MessageStore+Parse7 parser, focusing on power related data. Have nearly everything parsing at this point (one more field in powers, and the AT modifiers). Poked at extracting the icons, but no idea the mapping from the .tga file defined and the actual file that contains it.
  8. Curious what reasoning you think applies to fly+hover but not cj+sj?
  9. Yup: Power { full_name: "Tanker_Defense.Bio_Organic_Armor.Defensive_Adaptation", [snip] free: true, [snip] buy_requires: [ "Tanker_Defense.Bio_Organic_Armor.Evolution", ], [snip] } Marked as free, but it also requires "Evolution" (which is the internal name for "Adaptation") Because it's ranged damn it! I actually ran into the exact same issue today, you'd think that someone at Cryptic/Paragon would have eventually gotten annoyed enough to fix it, but, probably, that literal value gets shoved into the database, so they'd have to perform a DB migration for all characters as well...
  10. This was circa i7, but I saw an Arachnos Webmaster, in Grandville, in front of a few troops say something along the lines of Remember, when you pull the pin, Mr Grenade is no longer your friend! Never seen it since, never been able to find any references to it. Perhaps I'm just crazy? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  11. From what I've seen, there's been a fair amount of deflation in the market. There's been tons of items I've had to relist for lower prices than what they'd previously gone for, having failed to move them for months (after consistently going for at least that rate). This is at the higher end with rares, it's possible that uncommons have gone up some since I don't really pay so much attention to those. One thing to keep in mind is that the farmers aren't just generating inf, they're also generating tons of recipes. Then, the people getting rich off the AH are doing so by converting buying cheap recipes/enhancements, and converting them into the rarer ones, which result in the pricier ones getting cheaper (which results in things like LotG becoming significantly cheaper, much closer to the norm price). These two combined result in the price of goods going down. Items are certainly far cheaper than on live (pooling the salvage helps a ton here, as well as converters), and it's far easier to make money. I don't have hard numbers, but from my experience the amount of items being generated has outstripped the rate of inf generation.
  12. Not sure what the HC devs do, but back on live, the devs had a bunch of spreadsheets they'd modify numbers in, which they used scripts to convert to DEF files (text based). The server would optionally read in those def files and spit out the bins for the client/server to use (presumably, just using the bins when running in prod rather than dev mode).
  13. Those are the APPs (Ancillary Power Pools)
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