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Blasters and Brutes and Sentinels. o my


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On 3/8/2020 at 11:52 AM, SwitchFade said:

Those naysaying sentinel damage may not have taken a water/SR to 50. 50% def to m/r/a, nuke every fight, self heals, and incarnates. Granted the spike damage does not meet blaster levels and people tend to think a brute is more damage, but I often find I move faster and kill more than most brute sets, but I'm sure there are AoE heavy brute sets that do more and water is very AoE heavy.


Well built, water/Sr puts out significant damage and is very tough. At +4/8, the only thing that slows it down is a boss, as minions die on nuke (up every fight) and lt's are close behind. I routinely run council farms in this fashion.

In fairness, I have not taken any /SR character to 50. The last time I made one, on live, it didn't seem to have any resistance..but I'm a bit smarter and more creative with slotting now. 

That said...just looking at damage base...the Sentinel just doesn't have it at this time. Hopefully, this will change. 

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