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Consume in scrapper Fire Aura isn't autohit anymore.


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It says it's autohit in the combat log. But it's a big fib.


I recall that powers like energy absorption and consume were made autohit in PVE scenarios, but whenever I use it, it's up in the air if it hits anything, let alone does the damage AND gives the endurance back. So far I've had occasions where mobs don't get hit at all by any part of it, and some situations where they get hit by the damage portion but don't return the endurance for the hit.


I am aware of the arcana time thingy, but these situations are always waist deep in a mob I've been fighting for a while already, so no chance of it being me leaping in and triggering it too early according to the server.



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Not a bug, just annoying design. The power is autohit, but only for the endurance drain resistance effect. The +End, +Recovery, and damage still do a hidden accuracy check that goes unreported.

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