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Mob con inconsistent

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This may not be a Beta bug but as it's something I observed on the Beta server I thought I'd post it here for now.

Setting: xpboosted PB with full t4 Incarnate powers [+3] in iDA.


Mobs are level 54, range in con colours from yellow to red.




However every now and again there's a brief split second where every mob drops down 2 colours [not the easiest thing to catch in a screenshot!].


Red becomes yellow, orange becomes white, yellow becomes blue.




This mob levels are not changing from 54 and I'm remaining idle bar sustaining Light Form manually and Hasten on auto fire.


I would guess that something is maybe briefly duplicating the [+2] incarnate level shifts due to the zone since that would be a value of 2, however this is entirely speculation and could be completely off the mark of whatever is causing this.

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