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More Epic / Ancillary Pool Options within existing sets


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Some power set builds lead themselves well to getting good defenses and decent resistance numbers. Other builds do not. 



For thematic reasons also some epics work better in a build then other epics. Personally I dislike Ice sets, I am just totally not into ICE.

But I like fire epic a lot sadly sometimes I can't use it because I see more value in a defense shield or picking up a resistance shield.  


I would like to see every epic have a shield option. 

I would also like to see that every shield have the option be ether defensive or resistance.


Wonder further could there be a Potpouri option for ALL THE EPICS (Using Mastermind Epics here for example).

Each epic has 2 level 35 choices, 2 level 41 choices and one level 45 choice.

So I would like to be able to pick up Static Discharge, Scorpion Shield, Fireball, Explosive Blast and Spirit Shark Jaws. 


The limitation would be once you pick your max powers for that level you cannot pick another from that level from any set. They are blocked out for you.

Example you cannot pick 4 level 35 powers, once you picked 2 level 35 powers all of the other level 25 powers would be locked out to you.

Your next choices would be 2 level 41 powers and then 1 level 45 power.

Assuming some limitation would be needed for balance reasons that you needed to actually block out these powers as mentioned above. 









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I do agree that it's a shame most epic sets that offer an armor power all tend to be resist and not defense. That said, I'm not sure how to easily accommodate defense in those sets without breaking their theming, but if it could be done then that'd be nice.

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On 3/24/2020 at 9:48 PM, Tyrannical said:

Take a look here, see if anything catches your eye!




Yes what I was looking for 


Thank you


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