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Just because... (celebrating a 50.)


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Back on live, my... third? Maybe fourth character was an electric/electric blaster. Therra Arcson. Created in Issue 3. First screenshot is dated 2/26/2005. If I'm reading the time right, 8:29 PM. This is .. the third.



She's there in low res innocence, not knowing a debt cap wasn't a form of headwear (and that the busses do not run in Paragon.)

I nearly deleted her early on since I felt bad about accidentally killstealing at one point. As in, she was still in the single digits. I'm glad I didn't, as she became a vehicle for really experiencing the best of the game. I made friends through her, co-led a supergroup (Shadow of the Storm, Pinnacle,) got into RP through her. Found that I'd helped someone with some personal issues deal with them through her - they could talk. It was odd, but rewarding. She was a blaster, so of course, she hit the debt cap. Stayed there through level 38 and 39, which was a slog - I'd run out of content.


And of course, she was my first 50, early early on my birthday, july 14th, 2005. I then continued her story, rolling her up as a Peacebringer - and leading to an even more involved storyline. (Plus falling in love with Kheldians. Yes, even with old-school Qs, Voids and Cysts.) She's also the subject of one of my favorite pieces of artwork - think it's in my "old and new" thread, by Graver13.


So, fast forward to homecoming. I'm heavily alted. New characters and old. I have a couple in the 30s and 40s... and Therra. Here, an Elec/Elec/Fire sentinel - she volunteeers to fly top cover during rikti raids, since she can deal with the blasts. Debt cap? Haven't come close. Time-wise? Old T hit 50 in something around 300+ hours... I want to say 380, but I didn't record it.


Here? 58. >.< Working her way up it honestly, not just sitting in AE. Mind you, I do have some that sit in AE for a spell. I've seen this content a *lot,* after all. So remakes with the same sets tend to get a boost.


Anyway. Here's to doing it again. (And just being able to.) 🙂

T Homecoming 50.png

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