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  1. Unconquerable sounds like the better fit for his backstory.
  2. I can't help but think of just a solid white glowing figure. But make it a Warshade, just to subvert expectations.
  3. I never realized before that the chest symbol in the costume designer is almost an exact copy of the one from the show. How cool is that?
  4. This concept is awesome and reminds me more than a little of the First Ones from Babylon 5, especially with the mention of ants.
  5. This character concept and design is freaking awesome.
  6. Easy. Play a Blaster. Marvel at your unrivaled squishiness and mountainous XP debt. Then play a Defender. Marvel at your incidental damage and glacial leveling rate. Then roll a Corruptor and realize that, while far from being entirely self-sufficient, it mashes enough strengths of both the classes together that it mitigates a large part of the specialist pain of each. Have fun.
  7. Rage absolutely needs to be revamped, and I agree that crashes in general are lousy as a concept for a superhero game and need to be reviewed. We're not all playing Hour Man.
  8. I didn't even know you could combine those two masks. What an amazing look!
  9. Absolutely. That would be a legit horror character right there.
  10. That is hilarious, but I think that renaming him to "The Six-Hundred Dollar Man" would be even funnier, mostly because it had the same number of syllables.
  11. Yeah that's annoying. I don't see a way to delete the duplicates either.
  12. That of course reminds me of a joke. "A baby seal walks into a club." >rimshot<
  13. Super Strength. Just Super Strength. Although Street Justice has a real crunchiness to it that sounds really good too. But probably the single most satisfying sound effect in the game, to me, is Lightning Rod. Every electric power should sound like that.
  14. Given what you just described, the desire to do massive damage but also help out you duo partner, I think Corruptor fits best. With Scourge youre kind of like a ranged, discount Scrapper, especially useful against bosses, and while your buffs and debuffs might not be as powerful as a Defender's, they're more than enough for 95% of content.
  15. All you have to do is try to take a Mastermind into Incarnate level content and see how badly they perform to settle pretty much every argument in this thread. That's using supposedly "strong" MM sets like Demons, Bots, and Thugs, as well. Let's not even talk about Zombies or *cough*Ninjas*cough*. Yes, pets are ridiculously strong at low levels, but that's counterbalanced by the fact that we don't get many pets at low levels. At high levels, the level penalty to pets, and the other endurance and damage penalties stacked upon the MM specifically, plus the fact you can't share set bonuses between the pets and the MM, mean you're effectively crippled. Additionally, the fact that if your pets are killed (which they will be, constantly) you have pretty much nothing left to go on as far as a traditional MM approach and have to wait to re-summon them (if you aren't killed first) means you suffer from a lot more downtime than you would if you were another AT facing a simple defeat. I'm speaking as someone who loves Masterminds, whose Main is in fact a Mastermind, who is proud of the AT and doesn't want to admit any weaknesses that it has. And yet I'm forced by gameplay to admit that my TANKER performs better in high-level and especially Incarnate content, in every single aspect, than my beloved MM main.
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