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  1. All you have to do is try to take a Mastermind into Incarnate level content and see how badly they perform to settle pretty much every argument in this thread. That's using supposedly "strong" MM sets like Demons, Bots, and Thugs, as well. Let's not even talk about Zombies or *cough*Ninjas*cough*. Yes, pets are ridiculously strong at low levels, but that's counterbalanced by the fact that we don't get many pets at low levels. At high levels, the level penalty to pets, and the other endurance and damage penalties stacked upon the MM specifically, plus the fact you can't share set bonuses between the pets and the MM, mean you're effectively crippled. Additionally, the fact that if your pets are killed (which they will be, constantly) you have pretty much nothing left to go on as far as a traditional MM approach and have to wait to re-summon them (if you aren't killed first) means you suffer from a lot more downtime than you would if you were another AT facing a simple defeat. I'm speaking as someone who loves Masterminds, whose Main is in fact a Mastermind, who is proud of the AT and doesn't want to admit any weaknesses that it has. And yet I'm forced by gameplay to admit that my TANKER performs better in high-level and especially Incarnate content, in every single aspect, than my beloved MM main.
  2. Congratulations for the second time! What a great story. This game seems to have produced stories of this kind more than any other game I've ever known. It's really something special.
  3. So, I'm not a big fan of the Warhammer 40,000 universe. It's all too ludicrously huge and grimdark for me, but even I have to admit there's a ton of great art and design in it. What I am a big fan of is computer animation. I went to college to get a Bachelor's in it. So, when I came across a fan animation set in 40K, something that looks better than a lot of stuff coming out of entire studios, but with everything about it produced by a single person, my mind was well and truly blown. Over the last couple of years it's been released in four different parts, starting at less than a minute and progressively lengthening to just under two minutes. Well, a few weeks ago the fifth and final part of Astartes went up on YouTube. At 7 minutes it's longer than all the rest of the previous parts combined. If you haven't seen Astartes yet, start at the beginning with the playlist link below. If you have seen any of the first four parts of Astartes, do yourself a favor and re-watch it from the beginning. And remind yourself that it's all done by just one guy. It makes the detail and quality almost unbelievable.
  4. Since the last update, Twilight Grasp, at least the Mastermind version, has no healing glow particle effects or healing sound effects for any character or pet it affects. I don't know if this applies to any other AT's Twilight Grasp, but it's a bit disconcerting when you rely on the glow and sound to know if your Twilight Grasp has successfully hit and now instead have to hunt for green numbers in the chaos of powers going off. For a while there I thought it was bugged to not even work at all, but the healing occurs, there's just no feedback that you actually hit your target to trigger it.
  5. I should probably hang my hat and jacket here. Most people would probably have known me on my main Madame Scarlet, an inveterate villain. Or, my two blueside tanks, Tiger Gold or Grotesquery. Currently rocking the global handle @Sable Phoenix and stabling all of my characters on the Everlasting shard.
  6. Make all MM pets the same level as their MM. Including Incarnate level shifts. That would go a long way to solving the problem.
  7. I agree. At least giving every power the Psi Blade option (I think the whole set should've been Psionic Blades instead of Psionic Melee from the start) would go a long way to helping the set feel better. But I also agree that the quality of the animations is poor. Universally, the newer animations in CoH progressively declined in quality compared to the originals, as new powers and power animations were added in to the game. I used to work as a game animator, I got a Bachelor's in computer animation, so it really grates to see poor animation work.
  8. Pither is one of the best-written contacts in the entire game. Few even on Redside make you feel as sleazy and despicable and truly VILLAINOUS as he does (I think only Peter Themari and Mr. Bocor can equal him). Even if it weren't a Badge issue, I'd say this guy deserves having EVERY one of his missions be available from Ouroboros. Since it IS a badge issue... well, it's a no-brainer.
  9. The event is 20 minutes long but the first 4 minutes are just to get everyone in place. Spawns don't start until 16 minutes. Once spawns start you have to defeat them at all four banners simultaneously to increase the blue vulnerability bar. Defeating them inside the circle isn't necessary. Once the banners are vulnerable you can defeat them in any order (or all at once if you've got enough people at each one). The reason teams typically do one at a time is because their health pools are huge and you just can't solo or duo them. A team of 4 should be able to drop 2 or 3 banners. A team of 8 could reasonably get all 4 if they were there for the whole 16 minutes and it's a small zone. Once the banners drop, find the new marker on the map to fight the GM and get your badge.
  10. The same costume can indeed drop twice, it's just that you won't be able to add it ti your temp powers tab if that power is already there. Go to your Powers tab, scroll down the temp powers list till you see all your costume powers, right click on them, and delete them. now you can continue TOTing and getting costume drops until you reach the badges.
  11. You might have to go do what we used to have to do for all missions before Ouroboros came along; find someone else who has that mission and rin ot with them for the badge.
  12. The picture doesn't show up on mobile. What thing is everyone talking about here that could be big?
  13. There are ;swoon and ;collapse. The former makes your character press the back of their left hand to their forehead, stagger and fall over backwards to lie supine; the latter performs the "defeat" animation, dropping to their knees with their hand pressed to their chest, then flopping onto their face to lie prone.
  14. I really hate this new forum design. It may be more functional, modern, less resource intensive, etc., but it's ugly as sin.
  15. I have to say I have been experiencing the same problem. Not every five minutes, but definitely more than once an hour. I don't have my system specs with me but once I get back to my home computer I can post a dxdiag
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