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Spiders & Widows. Black Fang wants you!


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Black Fang is an all VEAT (Villian epic archtype) super group based on Reunion: HC


We accept all Spiders and Widows of any form and build.

Our sg base is compact and functional with all the amenities availible to help facilitate the dastardly plots of our spider allies.


We have sg runs on wednesdays, where we will do a SF or badge run or go for an accolade.


Our rule is simple - have fun. This means there is minimal pressure to constantly be active (although we do kick a recruit rank at 14 days inactivity) and you can recieve a lot of help, support or just general companionship with your fellow spiders.


Enhancements are freely availible, with recruits being able to access the crafted IOs (periodically seeded), enforcers and up can access attuned and set enhancements. Operatives and Webmasters can access purple IOs.


Gaining rank is a fairly simple task of joining in on missions with officers who will then mark you with a star. At 5 star with any particular officer you will be promoted and your stars reset. Recruits can also obtain the enforcer rank (one up) by getting lvl 50. All lvl 50s that join are automatically promoted to enforcers.


If you have a Widow or Spider and would like to join our SG you can msg me Old Man Crab in game or email your toons name to @Rivvic. Alternatively msg or email Six-Six


Ps: all sg members get a free Arachnos coffee mug


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