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Broadsword/Dark Armor-Brute or Scrapper?

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Scrapper gives you more random damage and no lead time to build up Fury.  Scrapper also gives you more build freedom: nobody takes Provoke. 


Scrapper has lower resist caps, at 75% vs. 90% for the brute.  Should not be a major issue thanks to the self heal.


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DA feels like a brute set to me. Damage auras work well with fury and afaik don't crit, higher AT res cap and aura taunt that a scrapper doesn't get. BS is possibly a bit better on scrapper due to meaty crits but on balance I would lean towards brute I think.

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Happy with my BS/DA Scrapper, the good thing about DA is that, even if scrappers have lower resist caps, it has other forms of dmg mitigation and yep, I'm aware said mitigation is also available for Brutes, what I am saying is that the higher res cap is not such a big advantage.

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I lean with brutes when resist sets are factored in. More HP and a better resist cap.

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