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Knockdown AoE Toggle Spammer Question?


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So I was doing a Kin/Sonic Defender, and I thought... "hmm, what if I decide to KB->KD both Repel and Whirlwind together to create a toggle AoE knockdown spammer?"


Has anyone tried this or given it some thought? Would love the input as to if this is feasible/viable!

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I've put KB:KD in Repel and while it works, it's a bit too spotty and endurance-hogging to rely on as a soft control.  That said, my Fire/FF has like 60 knockdown powers (Repel+KB:KD among them) and it's like popcorn city when he gets into melee range, so MAYBE Whirlwind + Repel would make it a reliable tactic?

He doesn't HAVE an ass.  That's one of the things we're transplanting!

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If you want an overpowered knockdown defender build, have a look at storm/water.


Storm benefits hugely from recharge and has a lot of knockback/down. Storm and water both take the knockback +recharge proc in several powers so you end up with +100 recharge pretty much permanently. Water also has a self-heal, which can take a +endurance proc, making it very self-sufficient.


Freezing rain keeps enemies knocked down and lowers resistance so whirlpool obliterates them. Later, you get tornado (more damage, more knockdown) and lightning storm (more damage, more knockdown).

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