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Why so many Ancillary/Ppatron pools

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My bots/traps MM took Mace Mastery because he's a tech junkie. He was very disappointed to learn how the Malta bots work.


Mace Mastery is necessary for Crabberminds to get a full suite of Spiderbots.

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Huh, forgot about that.  Still, "Epic" in that specific instance refers to both Ancillary and Patron Power Pools, not just APPs.  Like other uses of "epic" in the game, it refers to the original meaning of "a long-form story" not the Internet definition of "totally awesome, dude".  These are powers you take because it fits your story, not powers you take because they're more powerful than anything else.


(Also, forgot to mention that being able to pick up Patron Power Pools without going villain was going to happen soon on the NCSoft servers — following the events of the Mot arc, Scirocco was going to switch sides to become a hero, and he would give out an arc that would get you Patron pools — but obviously the shutdown stopped that.  Maybe it'll happen here eventually)

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