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[Request] Costume Part Viewer / Offline Costume Creator

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I just read a thread about unlocking costume parts that NPCs had and it reminded me of a big pet peeve I have and it's that I have a hard time seeing many of the costume pieces clearly. Now obviously there are threads for upgrading them to higher rez, but what about a tool that reads the existing costume pieces and does something like the costume creator (for ease of selection) in that it places them onto a template character. Or perhaps just creates it in 3D (this may not be possible due to how I think they're stored). Overall, the ability to zoom and control the camera much more than the CC does would be the most helpful.


Ideally, we'd have an offline CC with this functionality (similar to the old Icon app) that pulls the live data and Also allows you to save those costumes (like the CC). That way you can spend the time you want creating your costumes without risk of being kicked off the server (for spending 3hrs on that costume :p).

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