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I installed CoH homecoming in the root folder of a second SSD. Can I stick all the files in a folder back on my C drive, or do i need to uninstall/reinstall? Do I need to back anything up other than the costumes folder? (Im only 15hours in, just about everything is at default).

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The dirty version:

Yes, you can simply copy the root Tequila folder or if you have say \Games\CoH\Tequila and only CoH is inside Games, then yes, you can copy those as is. What happens next? You'll want to revalidate your files with Tequila after running the app just in case. To make your life Easier, then you also may want to change the path of your original Tequila shortcut as well. There will be some possible after affects like the registry did have a few entries made during the original installation. I believe it's under NCSOFT(?), but there is a mention somewhere in the troubleshooting threads (try the install thread).


I've actually simply drag/dropped the game folder from one machine to another and besides resolution differences (stored in the registry), nothing noticeable when launching the game.


The clean version:

Use the installation guides to find the registry entries affected and delete them, then follow the guide from scratch. Make SURE you do something like C:\Games\CoH\Tequila or something Other than the default user folder or Anything that Windows controls like the Download, Documents, etc or you can easily have problems. That should be standard practice for games anyway as it makes them WAY easier to move/backup/etc.

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