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[Request] Interactive/Visual Key Bind Editor

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Since I'm on a suggestion kick...


How about a Key Bind application that allows for backing up, importing, etc from files that people distribute or forum posts and then writing to the game's file. The file basically consists of entries separated by new lines and spaces. The bind strings are wrapped in double quotes and there is exactly one entry per key.



' "quickchat"
- "prev_tray"
ALT+- "prev_tray_alt"
/ "show chat$$slashchat"
0 "powexec_slot 10"
CTRL+0 "powexec_alt2slot 10"
ALT+0 "powexec_altslot 10"
1 "powexec_slot 1"
CTRL+1 "powexec_alt2slot 1"


What I'd like to see is something that will visualize the currently assigned binds, allow someone to modify the binds, and then save them. What would be REALLY cool is to have a sort of example visual output (example power tray animation, chat example, etc) so that you can test the bind without needing to do so in-game (to avoid risk of overwriting your binds accidentally). Additionally, there would be a need to be able to allow the user to choose their keyboard layout as that would be Very important when showing examples.


When writing files, the user should have the option to create both custom and game designed (IE: keybinds.txt vs bots.txt or ranged.txt) files for import/export. While the game file would have to stick to the requirements, the custom files could have a comment section located before/after the content that would then be read/write capable in the app. IE: You'd have a section explaining the file's purpose, creator, etc).

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