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Necro / sonic will replace demon / sonic build (thread replaced by "Echoes from the Past" thread)


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/sonic is kinda overkill in the resist department for Demons.  with thermal and the IO aura buffs I can get my demons very close and at 90% s/l/f/their personal quirk resist resist

30-35% from the 3 aura IOs

10% from the thermal garg

10-15~% ish from their inherent

20~% from thermal shields


And even if you are dead set on sonic, get the personal attacks.  all sonic needs is the default, 2 shields, bubble and the -resist toggle. 

you do not need aid self because insps and bodyguard mode. 

field medic is ultra trash

maneuvers is extreme hit or miss depending on if you slot the Def aura IOs

I highly recommend Mu Mastery for Charged Armor since after S/L damage, energy is right behind that which stacks well with your big bubble.  my thug/sonic has a personal 70%~ s/l/e resist.  but thats also due to the 5% and 3% procs

Your sonic shields are way overslotted.  all 3 of my bubbles AND charged armor are as such:  1 ribo, 1 resist/end, 1 resist Unbreakable Guards.

Liquefy is Extreme trash.  its recharge is too huge for what it is and the fact it doesnt even have -resist is heart breaking.

Assuming you do take Charged Armor, you will not need Tough.  and Weave might be too much of an investment


With all of those adjustments, take Assault because that +dmg is very nice with the -resist you are pumping out through personal attacks, siphon and disruption


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