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Growth and Shrink powers.


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I had a couple ideas, a shrink powerset (probably a stalker exclusive stealth set, maybe a defense set for scrapper and sentinel but IDK?), a growth powerset (probably split between melee DPS powersets for all ATs with melee DPS and tank/brute defense powersets), as well as a giant bee mount and giant beetle travel power pool with a mid-flight mid-range ramming attack using the beetle's horn and a flight buff like afterburner that also increases the ramming attack's accuracy a bit (IDK if that would be balanced though).


Giant characters would probably have to clip through doors and lower roofs and I don't really think there's a good way to handle that issue but tiny characters (unless fully stealthed of course) would still have the same size clickbox with the nametags over the same spot as normal size characters to make sure they're properly balanced as NPC enemies and in PvP (Gnomes in WoW apparently used to have a problem with this but they ultimately fixed it by doing something like that).

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You could probably do this by using your costume slots and ranging the gambit of all the available heights.  


Since the smallest and largest Avatar sizes are quite varied you could definitely give the impression of these powers anyway.  


As to what Powesets would fit this scheme?  I don't know.  Street Justice may as well be called "Comic Book Fighting" since that's what it basically is.  So that part is easy enough.  Not sure as to the defense type though.  

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