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  1. Chestwrap texture option for the Bandeau top? And maybe detailed versions of all the patterns, like Excess has Excess Plus?
  2. Also, Teleport Beacons for Echo: Atlas Park, Echo: Faultline, and Echo: Rikti Crash Site, please. -g
  3. Zoned in with a team and couldn't move for a minute til others did and the gnomes moved.
  4. It is NOT visual only, they have a physical model and can trap you in place if a bunch are around you.
  5. Just discovered the Fort Trident and Crucible hero and villain only zones. They are filled with alt textures for many items already in the base editor. We can haz nao plz? -g
  6. Yeah, as suggested above, just disconnecting gender from body type might be the least complicated way to do it? But it depends on the code, yes. With CoH being the spaghetti fest it is under the hood, it might be surprisingly hard to do that. Ideally, doing BOTH the gender unlock on badges AND removing the gender/bodytype association would be great.
  7. Gender being changeable at Null would also make it less important to comb through all the badge code.
  8. Another request for an Open Sky texture option for all room elements, not just High Ceilings.
  9. Is it just me, or is the Zero numeral in the Alphabet tab a little messed up? Like a backwards "Q"
  10. Roadies could show up carrying the speakers, then wander off after.
  11. Something positive, I have not had the base editor crash to desktop since a couple of patches ago. Normally if I'm in edit mode a couple of hours or so I get suddenly dumped to desktop. Was like that all the way through Live and as far as was determined back then there was an unknown leak in the editor that would build up over time and eventually lock everything up. Not happening anymore. Of course now that I've said it, the next time I base edit it'll happen.
  12. Backface and occlusion culling of unseen surface textures should help with the rendering load. Does anyone know if CoH uses this?
  13. It is a lot harder than you might imagine. You'd have to code in an entire new system of how the game orients characters. Currently the game just orients them in one direction: Up. Doesn't care what's under it's feet, doesn't even check beyond basic collision detection. Wall running would require a new detection system to scan the surface under a character's feet to figure out angle to orient the model. The other games can do it because they coded the ability directly into their game's movement system, planning from the beginning to have wall attach powers. Don't get me wrong, I would LOVE to see this happen. But it would be a massive undertaking to support one travel power.
  14. So I started a Sonic Assault character. I am greatly disappoint at the lack of a Guitar animation set.
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