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  1. Well, there's Uranium Yellowcake. You might get superpowers if you eat it. Or die. One or the other. (Plz don't eat it) -g
  2. Am I missing something, or does the Time powerset contain absolutely no buffs to movement speeds? There's de-buffs to enemy movement, but no ally movement buffs that I can see. Seems weird. -g
  3. Could use the Dock pieces. Wooden and come in many sizes.
  4. The /AH command doesn't work in any instanced zones, because accessing the marketplace at all from them apparently causes major glitches / code problems. 2 and 3 seem like good ideas. 3 might be difficult, as characters have a lot of data to store and the bases already have issues with storing too much data (They are stored as a continuous text string, which has to be the least efficient way possible) 4 would require pathfinding A.I. which does not exist in the bases. You may notice pets don't follow you around in base for this reason. Would require massive overhaul of the system for this to happen.
  5. Currently not possible at all. There used to be a way to save bases locally, and Paragon Chat figured out how to re-load those saved bases into the game, but so far I have not seen this functionality in any of the new servers since the game came back.
  6. Okay, okay, hear me out. New skin replacement for War Mace, and maybe all handheld items. PILLOWS. Srsly. -g
  7. Would love to see more animal/monster heads. There is one head that is reptilian but you can't really make a decent looking dragon with it, especially since you can't add horns and such. Also, add a "sarashi" texture to the "bandeau" chest option? A Tetsubo option in maces and titan weapons. There is one spiked squarish club but it's not really the same. -g
  8. I seem to recall one of the AMA sessions by the original Devs where they mention considering size changing powers, but the sheer amount of geometry based map and animation adjustments was deemed too big a headache to deal with.
  9. Alternately, set the rotation angle snap to disabled and very slightly tilt some of the grass panels.
  10. For next time, mail yourself a supply of consumables ahead of time. You can access your mail from anywhere.
  11. Honestly, I'd love to see all the OG faces get an overhaul. They're visibly lower resolution than the newer ones added in later updates. But I'm guessing this would be a very low priority for the Dev team.
  12. Chestwrap texture option for the Bandeau top? And maybe detailed versions of all the patterns, like Excess has Excess Plus?
  13. Also, Teleport Beacons for Echo: Atlas Park, Echo: Faultline, and Echo: Rikti Crash Site, please. -g
  14. Zoned in with a team and couldn't move for a minute til others did and the gnomes moved.
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