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  1. Simplest bug fix without even knowing the cause is to make the entrance portal non-collision. Would like that even if there wasn't a bug.
  2. About a quarter of the time now, when I zone transition to a new map, the game crashes and drops to desktop. It seems to mostly happen when entering the SG base, but has happened on other maps. It is not consistent, some nights it doesn't happen at all, other nights it happens multiple times.
  3. Can we have the Base Building system messages turned off? Not spamming the entire SG with "X has purchased Y for 0 Prestige" over and over and over and over would be nice. It's not like they serve any significant purpose anymore, given that everything is free. I can see back when it was good to be able to tell if someone was burning Prestige, but not now.
  4. If the folders do not exist, create them. Normally the DATA folder does not exist except inside the game's compressed PIGG archive. If you create a DATA folder, the game treats anything you put there as if it was in the PIGG archive, and thus as if it were part of the game. Additionally, any file in there that duplicates the name and folder position any file present in the PIGG archive overrides it. So you can replace sounds/meshes/textures with custom ones without actually re-coding the game. Only you see the changes, though.
  5. Making existing items line up a bit better, please! Some of the meshes are just a LITTLE off, but enough that it makes the OCD in me go crazy. Spent a hour last night just lining up some of those hexagonal cement tiles because they're no quiiiiite at 30 and 60 degree angles. -g
  6. Would love to have logos available on the backs of the various jackets. That is all.
  7. I love base building! However, it is mutually exclusive with leveling up. That makes me sad. It would be nice to have a minor amount of XP be awarded for base building, perhaps with the ability to turn it on or off as you choose. Thoughts?
  8. RECIPE STORAGE. That's not personal, as in SG members can access and take them. Seriously, I have way too many of them, that could be benefiting SG members.
  9. Teleporters can have a max of ten locations attached to them. Beacons attach to the nearest Teleporter, unless that teleporter already has ten connections.
  10. Double sided textures of the current single sided surfaces, with closed edges. Also/alternately, more versions of the Dock pieces with other textures.
  11. Plain tintable surfaces! Same as the various current ones, just blank with tintable colors. Also ones with the textures we find in the various room styles. Maybe some others like asphalt and steel and concrete. Okay I'll stop for now.
  12. Hmm.. A door that when clicked teleports you to a built in target node on the other side. Might work.
  13. Apparantly the AH code does not interact well with instanced zones, which the bases are.
  14. Random thoughts... Anyone remember when Paragon Studios experimentally tried putting real-world advertisements in game? I am guessing the experiment failed, because after the initial launch I stopped hearing anything about it. I am wondering if the current servers could use the tech for something. Even just dynamic fake ads changing over time. Hmm.
  15. Oh, and BIGGER PLOTS! I'm kinda spoiled, but I wanna make an aircraft carrier. Need moar space! :)
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