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Server Naming and Location(s) |::| aka |::| Feels vs Reals

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So a thought occurred just now as the 2nd server came online (can't wait to see the background on that).


A lot of us have deep ties to certain servers, SGs, etc as well as regions of the world (this isn't a USA only game!). Back in i2-ish I believe I chose Pinn because it was an East Coast / USA server (unless I'm wrong) and only occasionally "wandered" onto the other servers for the rather silly notion of preserving a small group of my character names (that I NEVER had trouble creating!). Going forward, we're likely to see a new world of i24/i25 and new servers. We're already sitting on two completely non-OG names, so how important will it be to try to rebuild the old on a stable new platform? Should we bother or simply stick to specific OG chat groups? Overall, this all fits great into the lore in general. :p

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