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Arch Villain Placement


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Is there a way to place an AV - or anything else, for that matter - in a specific location on a map, beyond just "Any, Front, Middle or Back"?
I'm trying to get a cultist summoning stuff on the rooftop of President Marchand's offices, and I can't get the Big Bad to spawn above the second floor.

Thanks in advance!

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Unfortunately, no. (And on outdoor maps, that front/middle/back is even less useful - in many cases there's nothing designated that way, as I recall>)

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And sadly, that map, which should be a great map for an AV finale with a main enemy appearing in the office or roof proves particularly useless as there is actually no back keyed in on the map, if I recall correctly.


I believe outdoor maps are essentially treated as a single room, so I think because of limitations in the system there was no way to designate front/middle/back. 

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