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Missing Spectrum Custom Pieces for Female Characters


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Female characters do not have the same "Spectrum" custom options that male characters have.

1- You can not select just "Tights" for the lower half because that's not an option.  You have to select "Tight Pants" instead, and there's no Spectrum option for that.
2- The only way you can get the Spectrum look is to select, "Skirts/Shorts" so you are FORCED to wear something over the Spectrum look.  Something male characters are _not_ required to do.
3- For the boots there are no "Spectrum" look options at all for females, so you have to show "flesh color" and it just looks wrong.

Can we get this fixed so it's the same for female characters as it is for male characters?531762509_ScreenShot2020-10-24at4_02_32PM.thumb.png.6dead209832e584c3ef02dbe4d168f77.png

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I just tested it and the pieces are there for females.


Spectrum bottom are under bottoms, spectrum.




Spectrum boots are under the second option under many boot styles, such as Smooth, Stiletto, or Platform, and scrolling all the way to the bottom for the Spectrum option.




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I came in to see that this was complaining about the lack of Spectrum options for flat boot options, or missing from gloves under some options (like shirts or jackets, I think) and ready to show my support.


This is just a case of the existing options not being where expected.  There really needs to be a search option for the costume selection screen for each ccategory.

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