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Concept Build Help/Request – Dark/Dark


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Hi everyone, finally reached 50 with this toon and it’s time to actually build my Brute (because I just picked and dumped whatever while levelling).


I know it won’t be an optimal build, but I’m trying to play a concept rather than a powerhouse (I am on the RP server after all). That being said, I still want to be able to survive the game. Anyone up to the challenge of helping me build something decent but cheap (because I spent most of my dough on a new Sentinel build for my main)?


And here’s the tricky “concept” part… I want the following four teleportation powers (which I know will be replaced with others in a later game update):

  • Teleport
  • Recall Friend
  • Teleport Foe
  • Long Range Teleport


Not that much of a fan of Taunt and Touch of Fear and I didn’t pick Oppressive Gloom when leveling up, but hey, if it works, it works? What do I know, I'm the crazy fool who's eating  away powers with more teleport stuff for a theme. 


I also have access to Soul Mastery as an Epic Pool if that makes any difference. 


Many thanks in advance! 🙇‍♂️

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Here is my Dark/Dark.  It is a damned BEAST in combat.  I have it set up and running just like this,


I am currently starting a second one as a badger.  Will do the exact same build. (This one is soloing all Redside stories as I level)


There is not a lot of room on a Dark/Dark for ANY Travel powers.  This is less Travel than I give to any of my Brutes (I mostly run Brutes) since the days of no inherent fitness.


I only post to show the struggle you will find trying to remove cornerstones of a good combat build to get the concept you are going for,


Good Luck.



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On 10/27/2020 at 5:28 PM, Blowout said:

And here’s the tricky “concept” part… I want the following four teleportation powers (which I know will be replaced with others in a later game update):

  • Teleport
  • Recall Friend
  • Teleport Foe
  • Long Range Teleport


FWIW, the teleport pool is undergoing changes in the near future.  Of course it might be a while, but since you're designing around concept this info might help long term plans.  For example, Recall Friend and TP Foe are being merged.


Discussion thread:



Build 2 patch notes copy pasta for the basic rundown:


Pool Powerset Revamp: Teleportation (Focused Feedback Thread)

Teleportation has been considered one of the least desirable pools for a while (outside of specific uses, like Stone Armor) due to the wide availability of other travel options. In order to make the set more appealing, we've added two new powers with new mechanics. Combat Teleport emulates the feeling of Speed of Sound's Jaunt to quickly traverse the battlefield without the endurance cost burden of an active travel power, whilst Fold Space introduces a new way to play in melee - bring the enemies to you, instead of going to them!


To make room for these, Recall Friend and Teleport Foe have been combined into one power and Long Range Teleport has been removed from the set and is now an unlockable Accolade power.


Power Changes
  • Teleportation_RecallTeleport.png.6f11238cb1e9a8151d5bd2adc8cf2886.png Teleport Target (Replaces Recall Friend)
    • Now combines the functionality of Recall Friend and Teleport Foe
    • If you previously had Recall Friend, you'll now have Teleport Target
  • Combat_Teleport.png.aea719bb22d4911ea1aa202651b0da0c.png Combat Teleport (Replaces Teleport Foe)
    • A quick-casting, short-ranged (100ft) teleport designed to be used in combat
    • The range of this power can be enhanced, but it cannot be buffed or debuffed by set bonuses or other powers
    • This power can be activated up to 3 times in a row before it triggers a cooldown
    • This power grants a small ToHit buff to your next attack
    • If you previously had Teleport Foe, you'll now have Combat Teleport
  • Teleportation_Teleport.png.eeeec095e2005a7fc7b5a36a012dce5c.png Teleport
    • This power now grants a 4s untouchable buff
      • If you attack while this buff is active, both the Untouchable buff and the Hover buff will be cancelled
      • If you have been in combat in the last 10 seconds, phase will not be triggered
      • In PvP, using teleport 3 times within a 30 second window will trigger No Phase
  • Teleportation_GroupTeleport.png.3eab08633c7da2ba31708b9a999e4baa.png Team Teleport
    • Endurance cost reduced from 20 to 16
  • Teleportation_FoldSpace.png.04825380c32efb8345db1788d7d52cfa.png Fold Space (Replaces Long Range Teleport)
    • This power will teleport foes from the nearby area into melee range
      • Line of sight is required
      • 100ft range, 16 targets max, prioritizes closer targets
    • Long Range Teleport has been removed from the Teleportation pool and is now an Accolade power
      • If you previously had Long Range Teleport, you'll now have Fold Space
      • See the Long Range Teleporter section below for more information


  • 1092933564_UmbralAura_ShadowRecall(1).png.0f2dec4a258f43e507d651c83b28ecc7.png Inherent / Umbral Aura > Shadow Recall
    • Now functions the same as Teleport Target, and has a new icon to match (previously this power mirrored Recall Friend)
  • 810640279_UmbralBlast_StarlessStep(1).png.5dd7b402c7466d549b153ce54e1d50a3.png Umbral Blast > Starless Step
    • Now functions the same as Combat Teleport, and has a new icon to match (previously this power mirrored Teleport Foe)
  • 1050270741_UmbralAura_ShadowSlip(1).png.dc43ba81628010c25de9831b1d0610bf.png Umbral Aura > Shadow Slip
    • Now functions the same as Fold Space, and has a new icon to match (previously this power mirrored Long Range Teleport)

You see a mousetrap? I see free cheese and a f$%^ing challenge.

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