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Request: way to turn all skill effects off


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So more or less cause of my potato of a laptop I can only play with min fx classes. I can't find a setting to turn them all off. 


I miss team play. Unhappily gf unemployed atm and living off my pay.. so new laptop long way away. 

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I think you would have better luck putting this in the suggestion forums. I don't think you are going to find a modder to do that one since modding just a single power can take a very long time. You need an in game option for what you are asking. Asking a modder to do this could take months, if not years...and since we are all doing these mods for free, I don't think any modder would want to invest all that time in to something that would be easier done as a graphics option in game.

Try posting this on the Suggestion Forums. You will have a better chance of getting this there than posting it here.

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