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Gaussians Chance for build up IO


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Has anyone tried this IO out in invincible? It is worth it? My toon is a DP/invuln and I wondered if it was useful because dual pistols lacks a build up. I have in it invincibility on my scrapper but I think that is triggered by mobs nearby in that case.

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I tried it out recently in my Ivuln Tanker.


Yes, it only fires off when there are enemies within range of Invincibility. Which might not be what you want for a Sentinel.

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At 1 PPM it should have a 16.7% chance to fire once every 10 seconds, i.e. you'll be under its effects 8.3% of the time (5 seconds per minute, on average). I'm not a proc guru though, so feel free to correct me if 'm wrong.

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