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Mile stone complete!


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Only taken a few years 😂 

Who knows how long it will take to fill the rest 😁

Edited by Lunchmoney

I used to play under the handle @Purple Clown, back on Live. Now I play under @Lunchmoney


I'm in the UK and play on Reunion.


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I can't resist. Making random cheers, poems, limericks, or catcalls when the moment strikes:


"Whose money?"


  • Crowd: "Lunch! Money!"


"Whose money?"


  • Crowd, louder: " L u n c h! M o n e y!"


"I          s  a  i  d       ' W H O S E  M U T H E R R U C K I N G   M O N EY'    ?  "


  • Wildly cheering, slightly inebriated, gloriously ecstatic and completely barefooted crowd: " L U N C H! M O N E Y !  "

All this, as the speakers start blaring lyrics from 'Got Yer Money" and drones launch a polychromatic portrait in the sky....


  • Crowd starts singing, on repeat, "I said 'hey! Baby! I got yer money!"



Then the grandpoohbah of all badgers (so like *&*^&% or &^&%#### or Mc**&^)  leans in and says "Welcome to The Seven".


And dude, that is exactly how I would start the next season of The Boys. And like you could choose to either be a villain in The Seven or a gutsy inside good hero!


Damn, I am gewd. 


G E W D,


Also, damn, you are gewd.


  • crowd pumps out an increasingly loud: " G! E! W! D! "


Also, if any of my badge friends wonder why I don't make season premier trailer mockups for them - um, they don't have great names like Lunchmoney. 😄 Ah ha ha ha "i said hey, bay bee, i got yer money"

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